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Here is my order number: #26656567

Hello, I just made a purchase of $ 19.90 from your website

Except that I got the wrong email, I put instead of

Indeed, I have already downloaded the mobile application on my iPhone and I already have multiple passwords.

I would like to sync all my devices without data loss.

Can you help me I took you to reimburse me and show me how to do it.

PS: You are announcing a price of 32 euros on the application and $ 19.90 on your site, I don't understand? If possible, I would like to benefit from the price of $ 19.90 with the promo code SALE33OFF.

Thank you.

Hi Patrick,

Regarding your license, I can apply it to whichever account you would like. Are you saying that you have all your data stored in your "" account? If so, I can simply move the license over from your "" account.

I'm not sure what you mean with the pricing. When you click on the purchase button, our site is doing a currency translation from USD to Euros, so the discount should be applied. Did you try making the purchase from our website, and if so, what price do you see after clicking the button to purchase?

Hello, yes I would like to transfer my license to the email on which I have all my passwords.

About the price, it's not a problem as long as my license, I just want my passwords to be stored in the cloud (= on my computer in addition to the mobile application)



Hi Patrick,

Ok, I think everything is set up correctly now. I moved your license over to your "" account, and you should see it applied within about a minute of opening and unlocking mSecure on your various devices.

Thank you ! It's okey now.

That's great to hear Patrick! Let me know should you need further assistance.

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