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"Password has been changed on another device"

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, we are experiencing issues with expired login sessions at the moment. Our system is 100% protected and secure. However, customers who have been signed in to an account without reinstalling the app or having to go back to the full sign in process for over a year, will be have expired login sessions and will need to sign back into the app. Unfortunately, our app is not handling that process properly at the moment because it is giving users the message we provide when a customer changes their account password on a device. Additionally, iOS and Android users will have to use their account password to unlock the app and have to set up Touch ID/Fingerprint access again afterwards: mSecure 5 -> Settings -> Enable Touch ID/Fingerprint

Please note that no password change has occurred here. We are working to fix this issue. Sorry about the panic and inconvenience this might have caused.

Do you have an estimate on when the issue will be corrected?

By tomorrow. The issue is that user's with expired login sessions at this moment will experience this issue if they try to unlock the app on a device that's been signed in for over a year. We'll fix the session expatriations on our server and our next update to the app will have better handling of sessions so that this isn't an issue in the future. 

Issue has been fixed for anyone moving forward. No one else should experience the warning moving forward. Again, we are sorry about the panic and inconvenience this might have caused.

Well my challenge is that I can't remember the password that I used. To top that off the tip that I had is not currently making any sense to me.  I have already removed and re-install the app but since I can't remember the password or make sense of my tip I'm afraid that I will have lost track of quite a few items.

"Password changed on another device"

I still can't log in, even with the correct typed password.  Of course I still can't use fingerprint ID.

This has been going on 4 days and lack of access to these records is a costly issue to me.

Hi Robert, 

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Unfortunately, we were experiencing issues with expired login sessions. Our system is 100% protected and secure. The issue was simply that we were not handling session expirations properly. With any account system, when a session expires, a user is required to sign back into their account. mSecure 5 only requires you to enter in your account password to unlock the app once you've signed in to your account so all that this would mean is that you have to unlock the app using the exact same account password that you have been using.

The main issue was that a login session expiring was triggering our account password change message. That message confused and scared customers. Another side effect of the issue was that since the account password change message was triggered, customers need to login to their mSecure account using their account password to unlock the app and then have to enable the Touch ID or fingerprint options again in the mSecure 5 settings.

Unlocking the app with your account password creates a new login session and you wouldn't see that message again on that particular device. However, every device has device specific login sessions so you could have seen the message on several devices that had been signed in to mSecure 5 for over a year now. We fixed the issue so that sessions have a longer expiration date on our servers and our next app update will make sure to do better session management within the app to ensure this doesn't ever happen again.

Your account password was not touched or changed. Please use this guide to go over possible account unlock or sign in issues if you are unable to unlock your account:

Can I use my original QR code instead of my password in order to restore my data now that I have re-downloaded the app to my phone and downloaded for the first time to my laptop?

Hi Robert,

Your Account Password and Account Key are only accessible by you and are never shared with or stored by mSecure.

The only way to decrypt your saved data is by successfully using your Account Password and Account Key to unlock your mSecure account. By changing your Account Password through an account reset, all of the data that you have saved in mSecure can no longer be decrypted. This is also the case for all sync methods used in mSecure.

Your Account Password and Account Key are like a key to a safe. If you have the correct key, you can open the safe. If not, the safe will remain closed. Because you no longer have the key or keys, no one will ever be able to open the safe again. As a result, in order to obtain a new key and a new safe, you must reset your mSecure account. For an in-depth explanation, please refer to our security page.

Please use this article to learn how to reset your mSecure account to set up a new account password if you have forgotten your mSecure account password:

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