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Bulk Edit

With the desktop version of mSecure for Mac and(or) Windows you can bulk edit your records. This option allows you to change multiple records much faster. Our bulk edit feature allows you to edit the favorites, icon, and group of multiple records at a time.


There's different ways you can select multiple records:

  1. Click a record > Hold shift > Click another record
    • That will select all the records from the first record clicked to the second
  2. Click a record > Hold command > Click another record
    • This option allows you to pick specific records in the main view
  3. Click Command+a or Click Edit from the top menu bar > Click Select all


Multiple ways to select records:

  • Select a record, hold shift, and click another record to select multiple records
  • Click a record, hold CRTL, and select multiple records
  • Click the Select icon  and select multiple records
  • Click CTRL+a to select all record

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