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Signing Up for a New mSecure Account

Welcome to mSecure 6! Your personal vault for organizing and storing your data under secure encryption. Our application requires that you create an account for logging in and accessing your information. To do so, you will need a valid email address to receive vital communication from the app like Sign-In Activity, Authentication Keys, necessary app communication, and marketing (which you can opt out of).


In order to use mSecure 6, your device requires iOS 12.4; Mac 10.13 High Sierra; Watch OS 5.3; Android 5; Windows 10, version 1803, build 17134 or above to run the application.

Download mSecure 6

To begin, download mSecure 6 from your device's app store by clicking the links below!

You can either SIGN UP for a new account or SIGN IN if you have an account already in mSecure 6 (or made one in mSecure 5).


NOTE: If you already have an mSecure account, visit this support article.

Sign Up for an Account

Once you have downloaded mSecure 6 on your device, you will need to create an account by clicking "Sign Up". You may use the same email address for your current mSecure application, though it is a brand new account as mSecure 6 runs on an account system rather than being device-specific.

If you receive a message saying "that account already exists", then please contact us at and we will assist you in regaining access to your account.

  1. Open mSecure 6
  2. View the on-screen prompts or click/tap "Skip Intro"
  3. Click/Tap "Sign Up"
  4. Enter a valid email address for your username
  5. Enter a password, then confirm it in the second and third lines
  6. Enter a password hint to help you remember your password in case it is forgotten
  7. Click/Tap "Continue"
  8. Choose a method to Sync your information. For more information on our syncing methods, visit the articles below:


mSecure CloudiCloudDropboxWiFi

Success! You have created an mSecure account. You will receive an Authentication QR code and Account Key to your email address to authenticate your account on other devices. You can learn more about account authentication here.

Your Account After Signing Up

Now that you have signed up for an mSecure account, you can sync your data securely on other devices! You have now been sent an Authentication QR Code to authenticate your account for use on another device. You will simply need to download mSecure from your device's app store (using the links at the top of this page) and then sign into your existing mSecure account. You can learn more about the Sign In and Authentication process here.

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