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Account Reset

IMPORTANT: An account reset is NOT needed when changing or resetting your password

Resetting your mSecure account will delete all of the data stored in the account, which can lead to severe, unintended consequences. If you are currently able to unlock the mSecure 5 app on any of your devices, you do not need to reset your account in order to update your master password. Instead, you can simply change your password from inside any unlocked mSecure app following the instructions in this article.

The instructions below are only intended for those who have forgotten their account password or lost their account key (QR code). In these cases, the user will be locked out of the mSecure app, or they will be unable to sign in to their account with mSecure telling them either their username or password are incorrect. If you are able to unlock mSecure and gain access to your information on at least one device, DO NOT proceed through the rest of the content below. If the instructions are followed, your information could be deleted and lost permanently.

Please contact our support team at if you have any questions about your current situation or have doubts that you should proceed with an account reset.

Account Password and Account Key

Your Account Password and Account Key(QR code) are only accessible by you and are never shared with or stored by mSecure or mSeven Software.

Your account password and account key (QR code) are like a key to a safe. If you have the correct key, you can open the safe. If not, the safe will remain closed. Because you no longer have the key, no one will ever be able to open the safe again. As a result, in order to obtain a new key and a new safe, you must reset your mSecure account. For an in-depth explanation, please refer to our security page.

The only way to decrypt your saved data is by using your Account Password to unlock the mSecure app. If you have forgotten your Account Password, or lost your Account Key, you will need to reset your account to create a new Account Password and Account key(QR code).

Resetting your mSecure account:

  • Wipes your Account Password
  • Wipes all saved data in your account
  • Makes the Account Key obsolete
  • Doesn’t delete your account 
  • Doesn’t affect any active account status or license information

If you’re experiencing issues logging in to your mSecure account or you're not positive you've forgotten your Account Password, please refer to this article.

If you still have access to your mSecure account in mSecure 5 (you are able to unlock the app using fingerprint, Touch ID, Face ID, or Windows Hello on Android, iOS, and Windows), you can learn how to change your account password using this article. Changing your account password using our biometric unlock options on one device will allow you to unlock or sign in to your account on all other devices.

If you’ve tried the steps listed in the article above and you’re sure you’ll never remember your Account Password, follow the steps to reset your account below.

How to reset your mSecure account:

  1. Open the reset account page in your browser.
  2. Enter the email address that you use as your mSecure account to log in in the available field and click "Start Process".
  3. Open your email client or email service in your web browser, find our Account Reset email labeled "Account Reset for mSecure" and click "RESET ACCOUNT".
  4. Enter a new Password, confirm the password, and create a new hint.
    • If you lost access to your Account Key, you can enter in the same Account Password you were using previously

After resetting your mSecure account:

  1. Reinstall mSecure 5 on all of your devices
    • If using a Mac computer and previously signed in to your account, please follow these steps as well:
      1. Quit mSecure on your Mac
      2. Open a Finder window and using the menus at the top, select the ‘Go’ -> ‘Go to Folder…’
      3. Enter
        ~/Library/Containers/com.mseven.msecuremac/Data/Library/Application Support/mSecure
      4. Click ‘Go’
      5. Move the mSecure.mscb file to the trash
      6. Re-launch mSecure
    • If you were using iCloud or Dropbox syncing:
      • Delete the data.mssb sync file
        • Dropbox (Dropbox/Apps/mSecure 5/accountID/data.mssb)
        • iCloud Drive (iCloud Drive/mSecure/accountID/data.mssb)
  2. Sign in to your mSecure account using your new Account password and proceed with the on-boarding process to start using mSecure again.

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