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Android Auto Login

Use this article to learn how to enable and use our auto-login feature to sign in to websites on your browser or sign in to apps on Android using mSecure.

Enable our Auto Login Feature

  1. Open and unlock mSecure
  2. Tap the menu icon
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Enable the "Apps" toggle
  5. Tap "Go to settings" 
    • If using Android 8 or newer, you'll have to first enable the option to "Display over other apps." Afterwards, you'll have to the the "Apps" toggle again before you can go to step 6.
  6. Tap "mSecure Auto-Login" 
  7. Enable our service
  8. Tap "OK" 

Use the Auto Login feature

Now, with the feature enabled, any time you visit a login page on any website(Chrome) and most apps, mSecure will popup a your login credentials in our Login Assist menu. With the Login Assist menu popped up, you can either tap the login icon or username area (not the copy icon) to auto-fill and auto-submit your information. Alternatively, you can copy and paste your username and password to the website page or app login. Once you have signed in or logged in to the website or app, the Login Assist menu will automatically close.

Note: if the Login Assist menu is manually closed, it will not pop up again for at least 60 seconds, even if on a different website or app login.

Need more help?

Does the Login Assist pop up not contain account information you know you have in mSecure? Here are reasons this might be the case:

  1. You are not using the Login record type. 
    • mSecure's Login assist works with the Login record type
  2. Wrong or missing URL
    • The Login Assist looks to associate a record with the base domain of the record's URL. For example, if a record is missing the URL, mSecure will not know that the Login Assist should be shown when you go to that record's sign in page or try to use an app associated with that record. You should include a URL even for apps you do not necessarily use a URL for. For example, you might have a Login record for Snapchat. This login record would need to have as it's URL in order for mSecure's Login Assist menu to pop up when you use the Snapchat app and try to login.
  3. Financial apps
    • In order to use our Login Assist with bank or financial apps, you might need to edit your Login record and manually specify the app name or app you'd like to use with it. To do this: edit the Login record -> Under "App Name" tap the All Icon  -> Find and tap on the app you'd like to associate with that record with. Unfortunately, you might need to select the "Add new account" option in our pop-up in order create a record with the proper app association as well.

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