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Android Autofill

With the latest mSecure release, it is now easier than ever to sign in to your online accounts. Whether you prefer to use 3rd party apps, like Facebook and Netflix, or just like to open those sites in Google Chrome, you are now able to sign in to your accounts faster than ever.

Before you can use the Android Autofill feature to auto-fill your username and password, you'll need to enable it in mSecure's Settings.

Enable the mSecure Autofill Service

  1. Open mSecure
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top left of the screen
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap the toggle to the right of "Autofill" in the "Auto-login" section
  5. Tap the circle next to "mSecure"
  6. Tap "OK" to enable the mSecure Autofill service

After choosing mSecure as your device's Autofill service, you will now see a bar above your keyboard after tapping into the username or password fields on most sign in pages in 3rd party apps and websites in Chrome.

Autofill for 3rd Party Apps

  1. Open your app of choice
  2. Go to the sign in or login screen
  3. Tap into the Username or Password field
  4. Select the Login to use at the top of the keyboard

Autofill for Websites in Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome web browser
  2. Navigate to your website's login page
  3. Tap into the Username or Password field
  4. Select the Login to use at the top of the keyboard


First, only records that include fields of the URL, Username, and Password field types will be accessible to the Autofill service. The simplest way to ensure the credentials you store in mSecure will be able to be auto-filled is to use the built-in Login template that's available by default. This template has all of the fields needed to facilitate the Autofill feature in either 3rd party apps or websites in the Chrome browser.

If you don't use the default "Logins" template to store your account credentials, please edit any record template or individual record you are trying to use to include those three different field types (URL, Username, Password field types). Note that the label of the fields does not matter. What's important is the type set for each field.

Second, if you want your credentials to be auto-filled into a 3rd party app, you must link the that app to mSecure using the Name field, and that field is only provided in the default "Logins" template.

Set App Name Field

  1. Open mSecure
  2. Tap the Login record correlating to the app you need to sign in to (Netflix, for example)
  3. Tap the pencil icon in the top right to edit the record
  4. Tap the grid icon to the right of the "App Name" field
  5. Find the app you are looking for in the list, and tap it to select it
  6. Tap the check mark in the top right to save the changes

If you have been using a custom template for storing your account credentials, you'll need to edit the record corresponding to the app you are trying to sign in to, and then change the template being used to "Logins." After the record is using the "Logins" template, you can then set the "App Name" field and mSecure will be able to auto-fill your credentials into that app.

Reporting Issues

There are times when the Android Autofill feature will not work correctly. Typically, this is caused by the app or website not implementing the sign in form correctly. If the forms are not constructed correctly, it's not possible for Android and mSecure to work together to fill in the credentials for your account. Since these types of problems are outside of our control, we are unable to fix issues where usernames and passwords are not getting auto-filled for certain apps and websites.

However, there are problems we may be able to fix, so we invite you to report any issues you might run into while using the Autofill feature in mSecure. To report a bug, click "Submit a Ticket" at the bottom of this page, and let us know what you are experiencing. It's important you provide the name of the app and/or the URL for the website you are trying to sign in to, along with a detailed description of what happens when you try to use the feature. After we receive your report, we will do some testing on our end, and then let you know whether the issue can be fixed or not.

Remember, you must turn on the Android Autofill feature in mSecure's Settings before you can auto-fill your credentials. Please double-check the "Enable the mSecure Autofill Service" section above to make sure everything is set up correctly before reporting any issues.

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