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Android Built-in Browser

Use this article to learn how to use our built-in browser to auto-fill and auto-submit your mSecure login information.

Browser Settings

By default, mSecure sets our built-in browser to be set as the browser of choice when tapping URL links in mSecure. However, you can use your default browser instead. To do so, you can edit the Browser options to either automatically use your default browser or prompt you to use our built-in browser or your default browser. Please view this article for more information about the Browser Login Assist options. Alternatively, you can use our Android Auto Login to automatically bring up the Login Assist anytime you are browsing a login page on Chrome or in an app.

You can access the Browser settings by opening and unlocking mSecure > Tapping the Menu icon > Tapping "Settings" > Select "Browser Settings"

Within these settings, you can also clear the Cookies and Data if you'd like to reset the built-in browser, select whether you'd like our built-in browser to Auto-Submit your login information, and set your default home page as well.

Login Record Type

Like other features, our built-in browser depends on our Login record type in order to work to auto-fill and auto-submit your record information. However, you can use any record with a URL type in order to launch the built-in browser. 

Auto-Fill and Auto-Submit

When using our Login record type, our Data Insert option in the built-in browser will automatically pull up any matching Login record information for you and automatically fill in that information to a login form available on a page matching the record's URL. The Field Fill will also try to auto-submit the information to help you login.

More Options

When in the default browser, you can tap the more options icon on the top right corner to view all additional browser options and settings. These options include our Data Insert and Generate password features.

Data Insert

The data insert option is selected by tapping the more icon in the top right corner when in our default browser and tapping "Data insert." The Data insert provides options to specifically view All records, Login records, All Favorites, or Favorite Logins quickly.

To use the Data insert option:

  1. Tap an input on a website, tap the Data Insert icon
  2. Tap back to access all of your information (you can select any of the matching fields that show up instead)
  3. Tap the record you'd like to access
  4. Tap the field whose data you'd like to insert in the input

Password Generator

You can easily access the password generator to create a strong random password for your login records. Combined with the auto-fill and auto-submit functions, you can use it to quickly and easily update your account passwords using a strong secure random password.

One example of how to use the Password Generator:

  1. Open and unlock mSecure
  2. Tap a Login record to view its details
  3. Tap the URL field
  4. Log in to your online account
    • Our auto-fill and auto-submit should make this quick
    • You can use the Data Insert option if needed
  5. Navigate to the website's account password change page
    • Our auto-fill feature will try to auto-fill in the current password for your record
    • There will also be an additional Password Generator icon next to the new password field
  6. Tap the more icon on the top right corner and select "Generate password"
  7. Generate the kind of password you would like and tap the "Use" option
  8. Paste this random password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields

When updating a Login record's password, mSecure will try to capture this password change. If it detects the password change, it will prompt you to ask if you'd like to update the password for your record. If not successful, you can exit the built-in browser, select the record whose password you changed, and update the password for the record by pasting the randomly generated password in the password field and saving the record.


Lock mSecure

You can quickly lock mSecure by tapping the lock icon (more options > lock)

Navigating Backwards and Forward

Use the < and > icons to navigate backward or forward on a website.


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