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Getting started with mSecure for iOS

If you’re new to mSecure, learn how to use mSecure on your iOS device so that you can manage your passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and more in a secure environment!

Launch mSecure

When you install mSecure from the App Store, the mSecure icon will be automatically added to the first available section on your home screen. Tap the icon to launch the app.

Use 3D Touch

Use 3D Touch to quickly create Web Logins, view recent changes, view favorites, and search for records.

Create and manage your records

When you open mSecure, you’ll see a list of all your items, like your passwords and credit cards. Select a record to see its details:

View a record

To view a record, tap the record from the main view. 

Create a record

To add an item to mSecure, tap the plus button, and choose the type of record you would like to add. Enter the record’s details and tap the check mark to save.

Edit a record

To edit a record, view the record’s details, and tap the Edit option

Add a field

When creating or editing a record, you can add custom fields to each record. To do so, tap the “Add Field” option when in the Edit screen.

Attach an image

When creating or editing a record, you can add a photo by taking a photo with your device’s camera or selecting the photo from your Photo Library.

Quickly search and access records

Use mSecure’s search and favorites toggle to quickly view and access your information


Easily access your most important records by marking your favorite records and enabling the Favorites toggle.

Search mSecure

Searching is the fastest way to find what you need in mSecure. To search, tap the search bar. mSecure will search as you type.

Navigation Drawer

The navigation drawer gives you access to most of mSecure’s options. To view the navigation drawer, tap the three horizontal lines(hamburger menu) icon on the top left corner of mSecure’s main view.

Switch between All Items and the main record types

mSecure has 3 main record types easily accessible at all times along with All Items and Recent items to make accessing your information as easy as possible.

Tap one of the options to view the corresponding records.

Security Center

Use our new Security Center to keep up with your Login record’s security. Here you’ll be able to see how many weak, duplicate, and(or) old passwords you have. You’ll also be able to change the passwords for your online accounts directly from the security center insuring that all of your online accounts are kept safe and up to date.


Our build-in browser makes auto-login, auto-submit, and auto-capture easy. You can access all of your mSecure information within the built-in browser, and easily use our password generator to create strong random passwords. However, you can also use our Action Extensions to login to your online accounts using other browsers as well.

Sort Records

mSecure allows you to sort items by Group, Type, Name, and Date. Your sort selection will follow you with the groups filters.

Filter between Groups

mSecure comes with 3 built-in groups. By default mSecure starts with Personal, Business, and Unassigned groups. When you create a record, it will added as an unassigned group by default. However, you are free to change the group when creating or editing a record.

You can also create new groups by going into the mSecure settings, tapping Edit Groups, and tapping the + icon.


To access the mSecure settings, tap the hamburger menu (top left corner icon) and tap settings.


Here you will be able to view account settings and change your password


The security options allow you to enable/disable TouchID, change Auto-Lock settings, enable Self-Destruct, and enable/disable Hide Sensitive.

  • Touch ID: Allows you to use your fingerprint to unlock mSecure.
  • Auto-Lock: By default, mSecure Auto-Locks immediately after you leave mSecure. However, you can change that setting here.
  • Self-Destruct: The Self-Destruct feature allows you to have your mSecure information removed from your device after a certain amount of failed login attempts. The information is only removed from your device. You can sign back into mSecure on the device later or on another device to access your information.
  • Hide Sensitive: Tell mSecure whether you would like to automatically view sensitive information in mSecure like passwords or credit card numbers.

Apple Watch

This option allows you to enable Apple Watch. Minimum system requirements: Watch OS 2.2


The edit options allow you to Edit Groups, Types, and permanently delete records or recover records.

Edit Groups

Groups allow you to organize your records in like groups. You can then easily filter by specific groups in our menu options. 

Edit Types

Types are the record types or record templates mSecure uses. mSecure comes with 22 record types by default. You are free to change the label for the fields, change the field types, remove, edit, or add as many record types as you would like or need. 

Deleted Items

When you delete records in mSecure, the deleted records go into our Delete Items section. From there, you can either permanently delete the record or recover the records to view them in the main view again.


The sync options will allow you to enable/disable the mSecure Cloud, iCloud, Dropbox, or WiFi syncing and backup and restore from device backups of mSecure.

  • mSecure Cloud: Turning off mSecure Cloud syncing will permanently remove your information from our system. Your information will be retained on all your devices currently syncing, but once syncing is disabled in mSecure on a device, it will be disabled on all other devices as well. mSecure Cloud syncing can be re-enabled at any time in the future.

Sync Settings

Sync Settings allow you to view the current sync option selected and change that option if needed.

Email Backup

This option allows you to create email backup files. Note that if using photo attachments and(or) custom icons, your backup file might be too big to use this feature. Use the Backups feature instead.



The Browser settings allow you to choose what browser you’d like to use, enable/disable Auto-Submit, clear cookies and data from the built-in browser, change Auto-Copy options, and set the default home page in the built-in browser.


These options give you support information, let you recommend mSecure, and view About information.

Lock mSecure

To lock mSecure simply tap the lock icon on the top left corner when in the navigation drawer.

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