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Groups not converted to Tags after upgrade on Windows

In mSecure 6's first release, there was a bug in the Windows version that caused Groups to be lost after upgrading from mSecure 5. The bug has been fixed in the second release, submitted to the Microsoft Store the second day after the V6 public release after customers reported the issue.

The fix, unfortunately, only helps users who will upgrade in the future. It cannot retrieve the Groups because that information was lost during the migration to V6.

The good news is, retrieving your Groups is very simple if you have a recent backup of your data created in mSecure 5 before the upgrade took place. In all platform versions of mSecure 5, there is an automated backup feature, so finding a recent backup should be possible.

To find a backup in Windows, open the app's settings by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left corner, then click "Backups" in the left column of the Settings. As long as the Auto-Backup feature is turned on, you should see a list of backups you can restore from. After you find the most recent backup that was created before the upgrade to mSecure 6, restore from that backup with the "Merge" toggle turned to the on position. This will merge your data from that backup, and it should restore your Groups as Tags in the new app.

If the first time doesn't restore the Groups as Tags, you should try restoring without the "Merge" toggle turned on. Do be aware, however, this will cause all of your data to be overwritten, so if you have data you know was created after the upgrade to V6, be sure to document those changes before performing the restore.

If you can't find a backup in the Windows version of mSecure, you will need to restore your data in mSecure 6 on a different device. The Mac version would be the best choice, because it functions nearly identically to the Windows version, except you find the Backups settings in the app's Preferences. Open mSecure, then click "mSecure > Preferences" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen. Click the "Backups" tab, then locate the most recent backup, select it, and click Restore. Like Windows, try merging the data in the first restore, and if that doesn't fix the problem, restore without merging being sure to document any changes that were made after the upgrade to V6.

If you can't find a backup in the Windows or Mac versions of mSecure, you will need to restore your data in mSecure 6 on a different device. For iOS and Android, you can go to the app's Settings by tapping the menu button in the top left of the screen, then tap Settings. In the Settings screen, tap Backups. You should see a list of backups to restore from, so simply tap the most recent backup to select it, then tap Restore. For iOS and Android, there is no option to merge your data, so please make sure to document any changes you have made since the upgrade to mSecure 6. They will need to be added manually.

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