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Getting started with mSecure for Mac

If you’re new to mSecure, learn how to use the Mac app to manage your passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and more.

Create and manage your items

When you open mSecure, you’ll see a list of all your items, like your passwords and credit cards. Select an item to see its details:

Create a record

To add an item to mSecure, click the plus button or choose File > New Item (Command-N) to create a new Login record. Enter the details and click the check mark to save.

Edit a record

To edit an item, double click a record, or select a record and click Edit or choose Item > Edit. When you’re done making changes, click the checkmark to save.


You can select a record, hold shift, and click another record to select multiple records, or click a record, hold command, and select multiple records. When multiple records are selected you can mark the selected records as favorites, change their icon, group, or delete the records.

Quickly search, access, and sort items

mSecure comes with 3 icons next to the search bar to make organizing and viewing your information quick and easy.

Search mSecure

Searching is the fastest way to find what you need in mSecure and mSecure starts with the focus on the search bar. To search in mSecure, use the search field above the list of items (Command-F).

Favorites and show/hide sensitive

  1. Quickly view/hide sensitive information using the show/hide icon.
  2. Easily access your most important records by marking your favorite records and selecting the Favorites icon in mSecure.

Sort items

mSecure allows you to sort items by Group, Type, Name, and Date. Your sort selection will follow you throughout mSecure.

Switch between All Items and the main record types

mSecure has 3 main record types easily accessible at all times along with All Items and Recent items to make accessing your information as easy as possible.

  1. All Items – Use this to view all of your items
  2. Recents – View recent items in
  3. Logins – View all Login items
  4. Credit Cards – View all Credit Cards
  5. Secure Notes – View all Secure Notes

Security Center

Use our new Security Center to keep up with your Login record’s security. Here you’ll be able to see how many weak, duplicate, and(or) old passwords you have. You’ll also be able to change the passwords for your online accounts directly from the security center insuring that all of your online accounts are kept safe and up to date.

Filter between Groups

mSecure comes with 3 built-in groups. By default, mSecure starts with Personal, Business, and Unassigned groups. When you create a record, it will be added as an unassigned group by default. However, you are free to change the group when creating or editing a record. You can also create new groups by going into the mSecure settings (mSecure -> Preferences or Command+Comma), clicking Groups, and selecting Add. There, you can give your group a name and select an icon.

Filter between Types

mSecure comes with 22 built-in record types or categories to meet most of your needs. However, mSecure also allows you to create new types of records and you also edit items in-line. You also do not have to use or keep all the records mSecure comes with. You are free to edit all the built-in records and delete the ones that you do not want. The only permanent non deletable record types are Logins, Credit Cards, and Secure Notes.

You can create or edit types by going into the mSecure settings (mSecure -> Preferences or Command+Comma), clicking Types, and either selecting an existing type to edit or create a new new type.

Deleted items

When you delete an record in mSecure, mSecure will move the record into the Deleted Items area. From there, you’ll be able to recover deleted records or permanently delete the record(s).

Lock mSecure

Click the Lock icon to lock mSecure. mSecure Auto-Locks after 10 minutes of inactivity. However, you can change the Auto-Lock setting by going into the mSecure settings, selecting Security and changing the Auto-Lock setting to your preference.


To access the preferences, click mSecure from the top left corner and select Preferences. (Command+comma).

In the preferences you’ll be able to change settings, view account information, change account email address, edit/create groups and types, and create backups among other things.

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