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Vew previous passwords

It would be very useful to be able to view a previously saved password for an item. 

A few times times I have gone to change a password, logged into the relevant portal, generated a new password in the database (committed it) copied the new password into the portal only for it as a security measure to ask for the old/current  password - which I know longer know!

Secondly, for sites/apps I am less concerned about security I sometimes use complex but memorable passwords to make regular logging in and out easier.  it would be useful to be able to review older passwords to ensure that I don't reuse the same password again when changing it.



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Hi Robert,

Thank you for the feature request. This is actually something we have planned for the near future!

I agree with this request, though I can’t imagine how it’d gracefully be handled. As is, *always* when I go about changing passwords I use the notes app: copy and paste the current password, and on a separate line place the new password I intend to use. For invariably some sites in the change process ask for the old followed by two copies of the new. And then some sites immediately log me out and require a fresh login with the new. Finally, at some point in all this inevitably a poor website developer has left plenty room for error and the process gets unpredictability flubbed. (All three of these have happened at my bank *and* at a doctor’s website!) Good to have copies of old AND new passwords handy!

I concur; a couple websites I use require periodic password changes and also prevent me from using any of my previous passwords. A record of the previous passwords - not just the last one - would be a nice feature. 

For the time being,  I am editing the mSecure record, adding a field, and labeling it "Previous Password" every time I change a password.  If I remember to copy and paste the old one into this field before changing it, I have a permanent record of the old password. Adding a new field can be done every password change to track as many previous passwords as needed; it just isn't automatic.

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