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Sharing Data in mSecure

Are you sharing data with another mSecure user? This guide will help you navigate the process of securely sharing information across mSecure accounts.


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Sharing an entire mSecure database with another person

If you are looking to share your entire mSecure database with another person, then you can share your entire account with them. This is a great option for spouses looking to store passwords together securely without the purchasing of multiple account subscriptions. Users must be able to run mSecure on multiple devices and sync between them, requiring an Essentials plan or higher to be able to do this successfully.

This will require sharing your account username (email) and password, as well as your Authentication QR Code so they can authenticate the use of your soon-to-be-shared account on your devices. You can learn more about account authentication here, or on our YouTube channel.

NOTE: This will share all of your mSecure records with that other person. If you are looking to share only select records with another person, consider creating your own mSecure account.

In order to share your account with another person, you will need to share:

  1. Your account username (the email used for your mSecure account)
  2. Your account password (the password used to log into your mSecure account)
  3. Your Account Key/Authentication QR Code

Then, on one of their personal devices, they will need to download mSecure. You can download mSecure here:

Click or Tap "Sign In" to sign into the existing mSecure account using the same username, password, and account key as the other person. You can learn more about signing into and authenticating your mSecure account here.

Sharing select data with another mSecure account

If you are looking to share select mSecure records with another mSecure user, then you will need to create your own account or have an existing mSecure account in order to share data with them. If you do not have an existing mSecure account, you can learn how to sign up for a new mSecure account here. Users looking to share data with one another must both have mSecure Premium accounts or be a part of a Family or Team Plan. 

Both users must also have mSecure Cloud syncing enabled for their account since the sharing Center requires the use of the mSecure cloud to share information. You can learn more about mSecure Cloud syncing here.

To clarify, both mSecure users must:

  • Have an existing mSecure account
  • Have mSecure Premium or be a part of a Family or Team Plan
  • Enable mSecure Cloud syncing

Sharing data with another mSecure user is done through the "Sharing Center". This can be found in the mSecure application on your left-side menu on Mac or PC, or by going to Menu > Sharing Center on mobile devices. There are several steps that need to be taken in order to share data successfully:

  1. Securely add another mSecure user in the "Users" tab of the Sharing Center
  2. The recipient will need to accept the invitation to share information with the other user
  3. Create a new vault in mSecure to share and collaborate with the other user
  4. Add records to your new shared vault

You can learn about the Sharing Center, Shared Vaults, and Cross-Account Sharing here.

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