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Categorize and sort your mSecure records with Tags. Formerly known as Groups, Tags allow you to tag your records with multiple keywords and coordinate them with different categories you can customize. Enjoy the flexibility of adding multiple tags to one record!

For those upgrading from mSecure 5, when an existing record has been placed into a Group, that group will become a Tag of its own in mSecure 6. For example, if you have a record belonging to the "Personal" group in mSecure 5, that record would have one tag called "Personal" after upgrading to mSecure 6.

Creating a new Tag

When you create a new record, you have the option to add a Tag immediately before saving the record to your database. Add as many Tags as you would like and the record will be sorted in your system accordingly. When creating a new Tag, after the record is saved, that Tag will be available for use on all your records which helps to make organization more efficient. You can also add tags to existing records by tapping the pencil icon to edit it, then add any Tag you would like before saving the record.

Adding multiple Tags

When you tap the tags field to add a Tag to a record, your current Tag list will appear, allowing you to quickly add an existing Tag before saving the record. This visual change in the UI also makes it easy to sort your records by categories you have created. 

On Android devices, this will not appear. Adding multiple tags will require a comma to be inserted in between words (example: Travel, Entertainment, Work). Future Android versions will add support for a more graphics-driven Tags interface like you see for iOS and Mac.

To add a Tag on an existing record:

  1. Open mSecure on your device
  2. Select the record you would like to add a Tag to
  3. Tap the pencil icon in the top right corner to edit
  4. Under "TAGS", type the word you would like to use to Tag your record
  5. Tap the check mark in the top right corner to save your changes

Sorting by using Tag Filters

Easily access records by searching for a Tag. When you tag a record, it will be categorized in Tag Filters in the Menu on the left of your screen. You can use these to view only information containing specific Tags. For example, let's say you have five records tagged with the "Travel" tag and six records tagged with the "Work" Tag. When you tap the "Travel" Tag filter in the menu, only records containing the "Travel" Tag will be displayed in the main view. You can also apply more than one Tag filter at a time which will expand the set of records you can see. Leaving the "Travel" Tag filter active, if you tap the "Work" Tag filter, you'll now see all records containing the "Travel" OR "Work" Tag.

After you are done using the Tag filters you have applied, tap on any Tag in the Filter Bar at the top of the main view to remove either that one Tag or all Tags at once. For Android and Windows, simply tap/click the X at the top right of the main view to remove the current Tag filter.

For Android and Windows, you can only apply one Tag filter at a time. We will be updating each of those versions soon to provide multi-tag filter support.

Renaming a Tag

With the new Tag system, you cannot rename an individual Tag. However, this is possible on the Desktop version of mSecure. Whether you misspell a Tag name and need to change it, or are reorganizing your database, use the batch editor to rename your Tags.

  1. Open mSecure on your computer
  2. In the Menu on the left side, click a Tag Filter to view your records with that Tag (ex: Travel)
  3. Click the first record in the list
  4. Select all records using ⌘ + A (or Ctrl + A) or holding the Shift key and clicking the last record
  5. In the batch editing screen, click "Change Tags"
  6. Use the backspace key to remove the existing Tag
  7. Type to add a new Tag to all selected records (ex: Personal)
  8. Tap the check mark icon to save your changes

Removing a Tag

  1. Open mSecure
  2. Select a record to view its contents
  3. Tap the pencil icon in the top right corner
  4. Under "Tags", tap the type field
  5. Tap a specific Tag to remove it (iOS only), or press your device's backspace key to remove the Tag to the left of your cursor
  6. Tap the check mark icon to save your changes

Important Notes

  • If there is no Tag assigned to a record, the record will still be filtered under the compound filters (i.e. Credit Cards, Logins, Bank Accounts, etc.) at the top of the Filter bar on iOS devices
  • The iOS Filter bar will sort your favorite records and record types. If you have one of these selected as well as a Tag filter in your Menu, you will see the records that are categorized under both of these. 
    • Ex: If you have 5 records with Travel Tags and 2 are also Favorites, then you will see 2 favorite records that are tagged as Travel
  • When you remove a specific Tag from every record, that tag will be removed from your database. This is different than how Groups worked where you could create a group before using it, and it would be available when creating or editing a record.

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