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Login Password History

Rediscover which passwords you have previously used for your logins within each record. You can now see the history of your password changes to find out if you have been re-using a password or if you want to know what you have used as a password before.

Each password field keeps its own history, and each password change is time-stamped in your record so you’ll know the exact date and time when your password was changed! After updating to 6.1, you will see your password changes going forward, no changes will be shown from before. As always, this is securely encrypted within your account.

To view the password history for one of your Login records:


1. Open mSecure

2. Tap one of your Login records to view it

3. in the password field, tap the blue clock icon


1. Open mSecure

2. Click one of your Login records to view it

3. In the password field, hover over the password and click the blue clock icon

NOTE: You will only be able to view your password history starting after you update to mSecure 6.1

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