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Two-Factor Authentication

With an added layer of security, you can now use Two-Factor Authentication as a step to enter your mSecure account! Enabling this feature requires you to enter a one-time code when signing into mSecure to ensure you are an authorized user of that account. Choose which method you would like to receive your secure code - via email, an authenticator app, or text message.

Authentication Options

Via Email

Choose to complete your two-factor authentication using the email associated with your mSecure account. This will send a one-time code to your email address from mSecure to be entered on the Sign In page of mSecure.

Note: Make sure "" is removed from your spam list. You will not receive any marketing emails from this address, only Two-Factor and Account Sign-In activity.

Via an Authenticator App

Using an external authenticator app allows for a code to be securely generated within that app to be entered in mSecure when signing into your mSecure account.

Note: You will need to download an Authenticator app to use this option, such as Authy or Google Authenticator

To set up an authenticator app to use for signing into mSecure, open the app and scan the QR Code off of another device to link that app to your mSecure account's sign-in process.

You can also copy and paste or manually enter the alphanumeric key in the Authenticator app option under Account Security in your mSecure account settings.

Via Text Message

You can also choose to enter your phone number and have a one-time code sent to you via text. You will be prompted to enter this code on the Sign-In screen of mSecure.

Note: Text and SMS message rates may apply. You must have a valid mobile phone number in order to receive the text.

You can even enable multiple options to be used so you can select which delivery method to receive your code when signing in, or simply use one method of delivery. If you select multiple 2FA options, then you will be asked which method you would like to use each time you log into mSecure.

2FA Settings

Looking to change your authentication method? 

On mobile devices, open mSecure and go to Menu > Settings > Two-Factor Authentication.

On your Mac, go to mSecure > Preferences > Security.

On your PC, open mSecure and go to Settings (the gear icon) > Security.

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