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Family Subscription Plans

These instructions only apply to those who have purchased a Family plan. If you do not have a Family plan yet, you must purchase one to add family members and see the "Family Licenses" tab in mSecure.

With the new Family Subscription plan in mSecure 6.1, you can include your family members under one monthly or yearly subscription. A Family Plan will have one administrator and contain 5 licenses, allowing you to add 4 of your closest people to your plan if you are the administrator. You can add and remove individuals through the Settings of mSecure in the "Family Licenses" section.

Note: If you do not have an mSecure account yet, you will need to sign up for one to purchase a family plan.

In order to share sensitive logins and other information with your family members, you can create Shared Vaults within the Sharing Center of mSecure. This can be found in the left-side Menu of mSecure. You can learn more about creating shared vaults and the Sharing Center here.

Each member in your plan will be able to have their own database where they can still create and store their personal information individually. Each family member will also be able to benefit from a Premium plan, allowing access to all features mSecure has to offer!

Adding Family Members to your License

To add a user:


1. Open and unlock mSecure

2. Open the Menu on the left side of your screen

3. Tap Family Licenses (iOS) or Family Members (Android)

4. Tap + Add Member

5. Enter your family member's mSecure username (their email used for mSecure)

6. Tap Add User


1. Open and unlock mSecure

2. Go to mSecure > Preferences (Mac) or click the Settings icon (Windows)

3. Click the Family Licenses tab on Mac or the Family option on Windows

4. Enter your family member's mSecure username (their email used for mSecure) in the Add Member field

5. Click the + icon to add them

IMPORTANT: If you would like to share data with this user, you will need to add them as a user to the Sharing Center. This will allow you to add them to any Vaults you may have or want to create.

You can learn more about the Sharing Center and utilizing Shared Vaults here

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