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Export to a CSV file


Exported data files are not encrypted. They are stored in plain text. Anyone with access to your exported data files will be able to read your passwords. Do not email exported data files or store them online. Delete them when you are done with them.


  1. Open and unlock mSecure
  2. Click File
  3. Choose Export and select CSV
  4. Name your file, select your export option, and click "Export"


  1. Open and unlock mSecure
  2. Click the Settings icon
  3. Click Backups
  4. Select the export data to csv file option

The Windows version of mSecure does not ask you what you would like to export. Instead, it will export your current view or selected records. Make sure to either be in the "All Items" section of mSecure or select the group, type, and(or) favorites before exporting your data.

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