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mSecure Windoes exe?

Hi Mike,

Question for you. Would you ever look at providing a standalone Windows executable for mSecure like you had prior to moving over to MS Store app? Reason I ask is my company has now blocked off access to MS Store app so I can't get any further updates on the app via work. The exe solution would hopefully still work as long as my company allows it.

I think you mentioned it before ages ago that you would consider it, not sure of the effort involved in doing it?


Hi Ai,

We do have this on our radar, but I don't know when it will become available since the amount of work it will take is very large in scale. One of the reasons we have not been able to get the Browser Extensions ported over to the Windows app is due to the UWP architecture of mSecure, which Microsoft was pushing developers to use back before we created mSecure 5. Had we known they were going to ditch that architecture after the failure of the Windows Phones, we definitely would not have created a UWP app.

The good news is, I can make it possible for you to side-load newer versions of mSecure on PCs not connected to the Microsoft Stores. The upgrading in this context is manual, of course, but it does make it possible to continue using the app. Would you be interested in that?


I would definitely be interested in that. Whether it would conform to my company's security is another matter, but I would like to try it if possible.

Hi Mike,

Any advice on this?


Hi Ai,

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner about this. I just had our developer create a new build for Windows for sideloading. However, I need to give the link to you in an email and not here in the forum. Can you email us at "" and then let me know here this thread. I'll get the instructions to you via email.

I've just sent the email Mike. Thanks.

I just sent you an email with the instructions Ai!

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