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MSecure 5 not found in Google Play store

I just got a new phone (Galaxy S21 Ultra) and went to install MSecure 5, and it is not found in the Google Play store. Also not in my library of apps - I can only find MSecure 4. The link on the MSecure website brings up a not found page in the Google Play Store, in fact the MSeven Google Play store link comes up as not found.

10 people have this problem

I had the exact same issue this morning

Same for me. Why isn't mSecure in the Google Play Store? Has it be discontinued?

Surely this is an easy question for the moderator of this forum to answer? Even a basic acknowledgment that they are investigating the issue would be good? 

Thank you for contacting us everyone. We have run into some problems with mSecure in the Play Store, and we’re hoping to have them resolved soon. Unfortunately, it will not be available for a short time while we figure out a resolution for the issues. Please check back in a day or two, as we hope it will be resolved quickly.

Thanks for the response Mike. I hope the issue can be resolved quickly. Is there any other way I can download mSecure 5 given that I already own it and simply wan to reinstall it on  a new phone?

We're hoping it will be soon too. Unfortunately, there is no way to download mSecure 5 from outside of the Play Store at this time.

I have just upgraded to Samsung a12 and I am having the same problem getting msecure 5. Any time frame for a solution as I have to keep using my old phone to see my passwords most frustrating!

Why are you still selling it when you can't download it?

I  changed phones from Pixel3 to Pixel5 and cannot move my mSecure5  either!!!     Sent in a ticket.....WHEN WILL THIS BE FIXED?   Been a WEEK!!     

I also want  to put it on my Chromebook, where my QR code is.

I would appreciate a response to my query? If m secure is not in app store What are we to do? Geraldine millar
If the old topic was resolved A new topic could be raised More clarity

Hi Geraldine,

I just answered your request in the other thread you started. We'll keep our correspondence going there in one place to make it easier to keep everything straight and not have to answer multiple times.

I saw Mike's response to Geraldine on another section of this forum.  It  seems like he should have put that response HERE to help ALL of us having same issue!   I sure would like a response to my situation TOO!!     Thankfully I am able to access mSecure5 on my old phone  using my home wifi!    HELP ALL OF US HERE!

Yes I am using my old phone and home WiFi Hopefully it will be solved soon

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