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MSecure 5 not found in Google Play store

I just got a new phone (Galaxy S21 Ultra) and went to install MSecure 5, and it is not found in the Google Play store. Also not in my library of apps - I can only find MSecure 4. The link on the MSecure website brings up a not found page in the Google Play Store, in fact the MSeven Google Play store link comes up as not found.

10 people have this problem

Could you please give us a link to the "other thread"? I couldn't find it. I'm very interested to be kept up to date. Thank you!


this answer relates to all of the questions above ....

I have same issue, new phone but no password manager and after 1 week  no solution.

This kind of issues could move a lot of customers to other solutions. I and also other guys paid for using this app and currently we can't use it.

Which kind of feedback should we assign to you?


Giordano Zola

Hi Everyone,

The mSecure app is now back on the Play Store, so no need to side-load the APK from our site. Here's the link to the Play Store app in case it's needed:

Thank you I have downloaded My username already exists Does this mean I am downloading a new app So I need to add all my contents manually Do I set up a new username And password And my original username and password is closed? Look forward to hearing from you Regards Geraldine
Do I use another email As I am unable to use my current email As it will not let me go forward Account already exists??? Am I doing something wrong? Geraldine

Hi Geraldine,

I'm not sure what you mean here. Do you not have an mSecure 5 account yet?

Yes I have as I explained got new phone Downloaded app But it will not accept my username or password Says this account has already been taken So access is a no no I'll try again Maybe I'm doing something wrong?? Geraldine
Account already exists for this account It asks you to sign in And thats the reply Geraldine
When I sign in it says This account already exists So can't get past this point?? Any suggestions?? Geraldine


If you are seeing a message that tells you the account already exists, you are likely using the sign up option. The sign in process will not inform you that your account already exits. It will only let you know that your username and(or) password is incorrect. Please use the sign in option in order to sign in to your account.

mSecure - Sign in and Sign up options:

mSecure - Sign In/Sign Up

Sign In

mSecure - Sign In

Sign Up

mSecure - Sign Up

This is likely the error you are seeing:


Mike, thank you for posting the download! Just changed phones and had this same issue. Hoping you resolve it soon. Thanks again.

Mike, I had the same issue with a new my phone. I was relieved that you are responding. I hope that mSecure 5 will be back on Google Play as soon as possible.

No problem at all @Royc and @ Norio. Hopefully it will be up in the Play Store soon, but until then, we'll keep an APK on our site available for our customers.

I downloaded that MSecure 5 APK and installed it on my S21 Ultra and am forced to Log In but it does not accept my email/username!  No problem logging in on my PC or old S8+. Now I go on a 3 week wilderness vacation without being able to setup my S21 Ultra!!!! I an engineer and have been using computers since 1984!

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