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MSecure 5 not found in Google Play store

I just got a new phone (Galaxy S21 Ultra) and went to install MSecure 5, and it is not found in the Google Play store. Also not in my library of apps - I can only find MSecure 4. The link on the MSecure website brings up a not found page in the Google Play Store, in fact the MSeven Google Play store link comes up as not found.

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The mSecure app is now back on the Play Store, so no need to side-load the APK from our site. Here's the link to the Play Store app in case it's needed:

MSecure 5 can be downloaded but requires a direct account log in that fails everytime, despite working from any browser!

@Jeff What you are saying here is not correct, if I understand you correctly. The app downloaded from our site will allow you to sign in to your mSecure 5 account if your credentials are correct. You're mentioned something about it working from any browser, but you can't sign in to an mSecure account from a web browser, so there must be a lot of confusion going on here. If you can explain to me in more detail what you are doing and what issue you are running into, I should be able to help.

I'm happy that mSecure 5 is back on Google Play. Thank you for your support.

Thank you for updating this thread with your findings @Norio! I have also gone through the forum and updated all of the posts telling users how to side-load the app from our site.

Mike!! You are not understanding correctly! Change the word BROWSER to DEVICE. While I was at Home I was able to login to MSecure from Any Device except my new S21 Ultra (2 months now and I can't use it because of msecure!!). Now that I'm on an extended trip I cannot login to a new MSecure5 account. Yes I was forced to create a new account for MSecure5!! Now that I'm away on an extended trip I cannot login to MSecure AT ALL, I get a message my account or password is in ERROR!!! And even worse MSeven has set a countdown timer on the number of password entries so I can't even try my old account or old passwords. Further there is no access to any official Login page on! It appears MSeven doesn't use flow charts to verify process or process changes!!!!!!! And why can't we use the QR code to active the new installations of MSecure!!! I still cannot use my $1609 phone!!!

@Jeff I have no idea what you are referring to here. You are writing as if I'm intimately aware of all of the problems you have stated, and yet I have no recollection of anything you are describing. What exactly am I not understanding correctly? What do you mean when you say "Change the word BROWSER to DEVICE"?? You can still sign in to mSecure 5 on any device you have...doesn't matter what kind of Android device it is. You have a lot confusing things written in your post, so I'm not going to be able to address them now. If you could simply write out one or two things you are having a problem with, I can address them one by one and try to help.

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