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Questions about MSecure 6

Hi Simple questions. When will MSecure 6 be available? What about pre-ordering discounts for current users and pricing ? Thanks Steve

Hi Steve,

Thank you for contacting us. At this time, we don't have a definitive date for the version 6 release, but all our efforts are currently focused on it's development. Regarding a pre-order, we're not planning anything like we did for version 5, as that app was an entirely new app with a full visual and architectural update. mSecure 6 is going to be more of a traditional update where it will install over the top of version 5. After mSecure 5 is updated to version 6 on all devices, everything will just work. We aren't ready to release the details for how the upgrade licensing will work, but I can tell you that customers with a version 5 license will continue to have access to all version 5 features and more without having to purchase a new license. There will, however, be new features that will require a purchase in order to unlock.

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