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Questions about MSecure 6

Hi Simple questions. When will MSecure 6 be available? What about pre-ordering discounts for current users and pricing ? Thanks Steve

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for contacting us. At this time, we don't have a definitive date for the version 6 release, but all our efforts are currently focused on it's development. Regarding a pre-order, we're not planning anything like we did for version 5, as that app was an entirely new app with a full visual and architectural update. mSecure 6 is going to be more of a traditional update where it will install over the top of version 5. After mSecure 5 is updated to version 6 on all devices, everything will just work. We aren't ready to release the details for how the upgrade licensing will work, but I can tell you that customers with a version 5 license will continue to have access to all version 5 features and more without having to purchase a new license. There will, however, be new features that will require a purchase in order to unlock.

Eagerly awaiting the release. When you’ve used the build for sometime, I think I safely say for many, the new enhancements are long needed. When a robust app is used, you’re asking for “trouble” from the users lol. Thx for the hard work. REALLY would like the ETA of course ::asking nicely::

Hi Pamalam,

Thank you for the interest in the new version! We still don't have a concrete ETA, but it is planned to be released before the end of the year. As it stands now, we're very, very close to our first beta release, so the official release is drawing near.

Just wondering how that release date is going for version 6, as it is now more than 6 months past the planned "before the end of the year" release 

@Bradly We were going strong through the beta testing phase, then we had to shift resources over to helping with an issue in the older mSecure app caused by recent iOS updates. We are getting that under control now, so we plan on getting back to speed on the v6 beta. As soon as the beta testing is done, the app will be released to public, but I don't have a concrete date for that now.

Any word on the release of mSecure 6 yet? I am leaving 1Password after many years due to them dropping off the license model and moving solely to a subscription mode. I would like to get mSecure but I cannot live without browsers extensions which do not exist in mSecure 5. Depending on how far it is I could wait for it, otherwise I will likely jump to DataVault. Thanks in advance.

@Gustsant Thank you for your feedback here. One thing to be aware of is that mSecure will be changing to a subscription model in v6. For those that purchased a v5 license, they will be given access to the Gold tier subscription plan, but there is no guarantee there won't be an upgrade cost at some time in the future. At this time, we don't have plans for supporting a one-time purchase model in the future, though, as always, that could change as we continue development.

Promises promises? This is starting to get ridiculous.

Yes, waiting definitely sucks but I also know this has been a very challenging year for a lot of people and companies for many different reasons. I just purchased an mSecure5 license this week because 1Password decided to officially kill their standalone license model and move to cloud subscriptions only. 

If mSecure decides to do the same they will end up going the same way as the Dodo bird. I think they will quickly realize this is pretty much the only reason a lot of us,  if not most  of us, are using mSecure now, because if I had to pay for a monthly subscription I would for sure leave mSecure in a heartbeat and get Keeper or 1Password back, regardless of how much the subscription was.

Enpass and Safeincloud are using the standalone license model. I like Msecure a bit more because of its user interface, but they need to add One Time Passwords and (ideally) tags (possibility of multiple tags per item.

I am willing to pay for upgrades, but if Msecure decides to go towards the subscription model, I am out right away (like Gustsant, and many more, I suspect).

When is release of Msecure 6 planned now? Or is it impossible to say 'at this stage'?

@Anton We are getting close to closing the beta testing phase, so things are getting very close to the public release. Regarding your concerns, while we are going to a subscription model, if you have an mSecure 5 Pro license, you will get access to the subscription level that provides access to all of the features currently in mSecure 5, so you won't be losing functionality by not paying for a subscription.

@Mike. When mSecure 6 is released, are we still going to be able to keep our vault/wallet or whatever it is called locally? 

@Anton. Thanks, I will keep Enpass in mind if anything changes with mSecure license model. I paid for mSecure and I am not even using it just to put it into perspective. I had the trial just to see if it would work and I was very pleased with the sync. I have PC, Mac, iPhone and NAS so to me having something that syncs properly across all my devices is of ultimate importance and I absolutely will not have my vault/wallet stored anywhere in the cloud, on either a paid or free subscription,  so mSecure is perfect for me with the license model today. One atrocious problem is the lack of browser autofill, which I hope will be addressed with version 6. 

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