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2 factor authentication checkmark

I would like a checkmark on my login items for 2 factor authentication set up Yes/ no. 

And a report then showing all accounts without 2 factor.

As a bonus, you could have a master list of wellknow sites and whether or not they offer 2FA and you could then inform me if I had not set it up on a site that supports it.

Hi Soren,

Thank you for your feedback here. I will mark this as a feature request for future versions of mSecure. In version 6, which we are hard at work on now, mSecure will have a One-Time Password field specifically for utilizing two-factor authentication for online accounts. That field will act as the notification that you have set up or not for that account. However, I like the idea of telling the user if they have an account where two-factor authentication is offered but not yet set up. This of course would require a bit of guesswork on our side, since accounts don't actually broadcast to third party apps that 2FA is turned on, but if you didn't have a One-Time Password field set up on a Login, then we could assume that account doesn't have 2FA enabled. And if the site offered it, then we could notify the user in the Security Center.

I'll add this as a feature request, and we'll see what the development team thinks. Thanks again for your feedback Soren!

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