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2 factor authentication checkmark

I would like a checkmark on my login items for 2 factor authentication set up Yes/ no. 

And a report then showing all accounts without 2 factor.

As a bonus, you could have a master list of wellknow sites and whether or not they offer 2FA and you could then inform me if I had not set it up on a site that supports it.

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Hi Soren,

Thank you for your feedback here. I will mark this as a feature request for future versions of mSecure. In version 6, which we are hard at work on now, mSecure will have a One-Time Password field specifically for utilizing two-factor authentication for online accounts. That field will act as the notification that you have set up or not for that account. However, I like the idea of telling the user if they have an account where two-factor authentication is offered but not yet set up. This of course would require a bit of guesswork on our side, since accounts don't actually broadcast to third party apps that 2FA is turned on, but if you didn't have a One-Time Password field set up on a Login, then we could assume that account doesn't have 2FA enabled. And if the site offered it, then we could notify the user in the Security Center.

I'll add this as a feature request, and we'll see what the development team thinks. Thanks again for your feedback Soren!

As far as an open list of sites and whether or not they support 2FA... has been maintaining a list for a LONG time. You could compare the site links there to domains/sites put in the URL field, and tell people whether or not 2FA is available. Even if it's not TOTP (which I understand will be here eventually), any 2FA is better than no 2FA!

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for documenting this URL with the list of sites supporting 2FA. I added it to the feature request in our system, and I plan to talk it over with our developer in an upcoming staff meeting.

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