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mSecure 6

In a recent reply on the Feature Requests section of the Forum it was announced that mSecure 6 would be available soon and that major enhancements we have been waiting for would not be implemented in mSecure 5.

Will mSecure 6 be considered a completely new product? Will existing customers be expected to pay for this new product in order to get any enhancements?

Will mSecure 5 remain available? Will it still be maintained with bug fixes and security issues?

Will the databases be compatible between these products?

Are there any other implications for existing loyal customers?

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@Ai It has indeed been a busy few weeks, and I don't anticipate it slowing down any time soon =)  And that's great news! With regards to your questions...

  1. V5 will be overwritten by V6, so it will not longer be available after V6 is released. Since we're making the Essentials account available without cost to all of our V5 Pro users, there really shouldn't be any reason to want to continue using V5. While the UI has been revamped, it's drastically different, so even if that the UI was a concern, I'm very sure the vast majority of people will feel very comfortable in the new version.
  2. There are two things with this one. First, V5 will no longer be available after V6 is released, as mentioned above. Second, though you could turn off automatic updates on all your devices, and mSecure 5 would still be running, if you have mSecure 6 installed on any device, and it's signed in to the same account, you won't be able to sync data to V5 any longer. The database has been updated in V6, so the two versions are not compatible when it comes to syncing. One thing to mention, however, every bit of functionality in V5 is carried over to V6, and on top of that, there is more functionality in V6. This is not going to be like the V5 release where the UI was drastically overhauled, and certain features were removed if you experienced that release..
  3. This answer is really just like answer #2. mSecure 5 can run alongside V6, but you would have to work to do it, and V5 will not sync if it's signed in to a V6 account.
  4. The Cross-account Sharing feature is different than the Family Subscription plan. The Family Subscription will simply give you access to a certain number accounts you can give your family members access to. For that, it won't matter which sync feature you use. Cross-account Sharing refers to the ability to set up discreet vaults that you can use to share only certain portions of your information with other mSecure accounts. For the latter feature, you have to use mSecure Cloud syncing.
  5. The upgrade path is as simple as can be since it's the same app bundle in the store. You'll simply download mSecure 6 onto your various devices and open the app. Your data will be migrated in the background, so you'll never really know it happened.
  6. Right now, we don't have a solid plan for if/when the 50% discount would be discontinued. I can tell you it will be available for at least a year into the V6 release. I anticipate the time frame extending much further than even a year out, but even if it turned out to be less than a year, we would always give the discount to a customer who reached out and asked for it.

Thank you so much for your feedback Ai, and please let me know if you have any other questions about V6!

@Steven Thank you for your feedback on the subscription model and especially for voicing it here in the forum! We know this change is difficult one for a lot of people, so having customers articulate their feelings on the matter is incredibly helpful.

 You can see the features that are included with the Essentials plan here:

With regards to how accounts work, it will be the exact same in V6 as it is in V5. That is, if you and your wife are signed in to the same account, then you will both have access to all of the data stored in the account. And you can use whichever sync feature you would like to keep your different mSecure apps in sync.

@Puneet mSecure 5 will no longer be available in the future, because mSecure 6 is simply an updated version of the same app in the stores. Also, there is no reason to continue using mSecure 5, because the V6 Essentials tier, which you'll have access to without cost as a V5 Pro user, will literally have all of the exact same functionality as mSecure 5.

@Kerri Did you receive an mSecure 6 Pre-Shipment email from us? It was sent out last Wednesday, and it goes over the specific details of the V6 update, including when we plan to release it. Here is a link to the email in case you didn't get it for some reason:

@Mike, really appreciate you taking time out to answer my questions. I have one other one at present - I'm pretty sure I would be going for the family pricing subscription when it comes out (depending on prices!). If I enter into an annual premium subscription now, would you factor in what has been paid if a month down the line the family subscription is available? What I don't want to do is end up double paying for a single premium and also a family subscription. Will there be a similar discount for the family sub? Would I be better off sticking with the free essentials package until the family sub comes out?


Ai Tong

No problem at all @Ai! You ask a really good question on the possible discount for a Family subscription for V5 Pro users. I don't think we've discussed that one yet. I'll have to talk about that in our meeting tomorrow. I'm not sure if we'll do a major discount on that one, since we plan on a $5.99/$4.99 price point, which is nearly 50% off once you get to 3 family members.

With regards to your other question, we'll be able to change over any subscriptions pretty easily from one type to another, as long as it's purchased on our website. It shouldn't be a problem if you purchase the Premium subscription now, but waiting to go Premium until the Family subscription is released would work too!

Mike, refer to your own link for "most":


So, your solution to "most" is a rent-ware solution, not a straight upgrade pricing model.  We can both wordsmith it as we like, but my point was do a survey (there was plenty of time to do a real survey to your customer base ahead of v6 launch and a change in your business model.)  Prove to us that "most" believe this is true...your chosen business model.  That's all I'm asking/suggesting.

One question about Essentials in v6 for current Pro shows "Cross-Account Sharing via the new Sharing Center*" as a Premium, not Essential, feature...therefore needing to rent to get.  (* means need to use mSecure Cloud).  Question:  we'll still have iCloud syncing as we now have in v5 Pro, correct?  That's not going away even though now we also have in v5 Pro mSecure Cloud for sharing.

Please clarify.  Thank you.

Lots of time and effort is put in to a discussion about subscription or not from what I understand is a ideological stand. I think it is time to drop that discussion since after all mSecure is not a community where the majority rules, but a company where the board decides the future. Small companies need fundings one way or the other to afford future development. My main issue right now is the ”real” issues I see with mSecure: the delayed release of v 6 and the slow support. V6 has been flagged as soon to be released for a very long time, and it’s still not out. These constant delays and the very slow support that sometimes even feels obsolete could indicate that the company has problems with too few staff. And this can maybe be a reason not to subscribe-not the subscription idea itself. Now: I am of course exaggerating a bit but to me the activity I get from those I purchase from or subscribe from is what is important, not the way the company chooses to finance their business. If the subscription way will give the company means to get more support and development staff it is for the better. If not then I can always walk away to some other solution after a month and I haven’t spent a lot if money on it. There’s always two sides of the coin.
I feel that MSecure has had adequate time to research the business model. At this point the decision’s been made. Personally I feel it’s a good one. As a very long term user I feel this is a great deal. For no additional cost you get v6 essentials. Then only if you want or need the added features would you purchase a subscription.

@Thomas and @Steven Thank you very much for your responses.

@Matt The two instances of "most" in the quote you pulled from our "Why Subscriptions" page is not saying the majority of our customers favor a subscription model. It's saying the majority would agree we need a way to generate recurring income. The first instance talks about needing to charge a fee for updates and the second talks about a reasonable timeframe for those paid updates. We have made the decision to go to a subscription model, and as @Tomas mentioned, we don't make these types of decisions by surveying our customers. I can't imagine any for-profit company that ultimately makes business decisions that way, but I'm sure it happens. That's never been the case here at mSeven Software, however.

Yes, I get it. You’ve made up your mind. It’s not rocket science. Once App subscriptions could be hosted on app stores, the writing was on the wall. I still maintain offering two routes brings you the biggest customer base, revenue, and with optimized code sharing profits. Just my two cents. No problem supporting mSecure, I just won’t do it through rental/leasing the software. . Have fun with the launch.
I think we need to know what is exactly included in essentials vs premium as well as instructions to sync. Do we email encrypted backup or download backup prior to update and what will be maintained vs lost. Your email was too general. Make a table comparing both programs and v5; that will help determine what plan people will go with.

@Kerri Thank you for contacting us! We have a page created on our website, which is linked to in the page you land on when you click the "Learn More About V6" button in the email. That page clarifies some thing details that are difficult to cover in an already lengthy email, and you can view it here:

With regards to your question about migration, you will simply download mSecure 6, and it will install over the top of mSecure 5. Your data will be migrated automatically with no need to make a backup of any kind. It's important to note that mSecure 5 currently creates automatic backups every 5th change to your data, and those backups will be easily available from the Settings of mSecure 6 should they be needed. Also, should you want to create a fresh backup before the release, you can do so from either the "Backups" section of the Settings, which will create a new backup in your iCloud Drive account, or you can tap the option to send yourself an email backup.

When folks migrated from mSecure 4 to 5, there was an upgrade fee (and discount offered). No one should have believed that version 5 was forever; in fact, the version 5 upgrade fee was a clue that there might very well be a charge for future versions. Subscriptions are a way for companies to attempt to increase revenue (which pays salaries and is used for product development). It's a rational business decision, knowing that some existing and potential customers will choose another product that's not based on a subscription model. With version 6 "essentials" being free to existing paid version 5 customers, mSecure has created a path to stay current at no extra cost. I appreciate that. 

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