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mSecure 6

In a recent reply on the Feature Requests section of the Forum it was announced that mSecure 6 would be available soon and that major enhancements we have been waiting for would not be implemented in mSecure 5.

Will mSecure 6 be considered a completely new product? Will existing customers be expected to pay for this new product in order to get any enhancements?

Will mSecure 5 remain available? Will it still be maintained with bug fixes and security issues?

Will the databases be compatible between these products?

Are there any other implications for existing loyal customers?

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@Puneet I'm not sure if I answered that one yet in this thread, but Dropbox syncing is going to be available in mSecure 6.

@Mike, I think it says under the premium sharing feature that it requires cloud sharing. Is that true if you want to do sharing then you can’t use DropBox in that case? Thanks
Thank you Mike.
Ok, maybe it is a kanguage issue since English isn’t my first language, but What does this mean: ” mSecure 6 is ready and we are simply waiting for the approval of each app store. ” Does that mean that the Mac and iOS versions won’t be released until the Andriod and Windows versions are accepted in those stores? Or will the Mac and iOS versions be active once they are acceoted by appstore?

@Tomas Since this is a major update where mSecure accounts will be transitioned into a state that is not compatible with the older app, we have to release all platforms at the same time. So even though both Mac and iOS have been approved. We have to wait for the other platforms approval process to finish before we can release.

For some reason, and we're not sure why yet since the Stores don't tell us specific reasons for delays in the approval process, both the Microsoft and Firefox Stores have not finished with their review process yet. After the new versions are approved on each platform, we will be releasing v6 to the public.

I don’t understand. You can’t release the Mac and iOS versions due to Microsoft and Firefox? Non-Apple stores can decide when or if we get updates on platforms they don’t support? Learn from this when you release v 7: never ever set an ETA, since you can’t keep it any way.

@Mike, v6 is finally here for me! I've upgraded my iOS and Windows desktop. I do have a few initial comments on it:

1) It seems the tags have not successfully migrated over from v5 groups for the desktop Windows app version. The tags are all visible on my iOS but not on Windows app. Any help on that?

2) Is there any way of searching through the passwords for any that are NOT tagged? in v5 you used to have a group 'Unknown' which was useful to mop up any entries that I have forgotten to tag/group. I can't imagine sifting through the hundreds of passwords I've got to look for them.

3) If I subscribe to Premium, can I still stay syncing with Dropbox? I'm assuming if that is possible it will be at the expense of not having the Sharing Centre feature

4) If I do use the Sharing Centre feature to share specific passwords with the other user, will the other user also need to be running v6 Premium (or could this still work if they were on v6 Essentials)?

5) The UX in landscape mode for the iPad is a little clunky, little things like the left hand menu when expanded obscures the right hand window which means you can't enter / edit data without collapsing left hand menu first. Also when selecting the fields to edit, the iOS keyboard seems to cover up the field you are trying to edit and you have to scroll up the window to see the field you are editing. Minor issues, but all adds to the completeness of the app.

I'll probably have more thoughts as I use it, these are the initial ones. All in all, the app looks great and can't wait to really test it.

@Mike - update on the Tags situation. It seems that when I upgraded my desktop version the Tags didn't migrate across, it also updated the password file. When I subsequently opened my iOS apps, they must have synced up to the password file and removed all the Tags. Is there anyway of getting them back?

5) The UX in landscape mode for the iPad is a little clunky, little things like the left hand menu when expanded obscures the right hand window which means you can't enter / edit data without collapsing left hand menu first. Also when selecting the fields to edit, the iOS keyboard seems to cover up the field you are trying to edit and you have to scroll up the window to see the field you are editing. Minor issues, but all adds to the completeness of the app.

I've been complaining about this all through the beta test. 

An example of a better implementation is the Mail app on the iPad. If you have multiple mail accounts you see the accounts in a column at the left of the screen.

You select an account and the mail items appear in the middle window with full detail to the right. You  can switch between mail items or accounts without anything being obscured.

The other frustrating thing about the iPad implementation is the waste of space at the top of the screen where types of records can be selected. This would be much better used for tags.

The implementation of tags on the iPad is clunky and it's hard to switch between them (it works much better on the Mac)

Well done all at Msecure I am a long-standing customer and was starting to get frustrated at the length of time for a new version like many others.

I have upgraded to V6 this morning on my iPhone and Windows desktop, and I have to say I love it a great job, the tags have not synced from my iPhone but that's no big deal I will do that again now have both upgraded.

I have paid for a yearly subscription to premium because I believe in supporting the software going forward..... BUT!!

MY ONLY COMPLAINT please get the Chrome extension working with Windows it was one of the reasons I wanted to upgrade and support for YubiKey.

But well done I like it it's such a big improvement, Keep up the good work, make me an even happier customer by getting the Chrome extension working in Windows. (how will you let us know when it's working)

I was going to add to my congratulations - I've updated all my devices (iOS, iPadOS, MacOS and Windows) - and paid for a premium subscription.

But all my tags are messed up - I had tagged all 347 records and now those tags have gone on all platforms. How to get them back?

Hi Mike,

Congratulations on the long awaited release! Everything went smoothly. iOS, iPadOS and MacOS, all updated without any issues. Tags were transferred successfully, probably the issue mentioned above is limited to Windows devices.

I'm already a Premium subscriber and I fully support your work and efforts. Totally understand the change to subscription model.

I have one question. Tags have now replaced Groups. Before there was an option to sort records by Group. Now there isn't any option to sort records by Tags, only Date - Name - Template. Any chance of bringing this option back? It was really helpful especially in the front page with favorites option enabled, where records sorted by Groups were organized nicely.

Thank you and keep up the great work.

@Ai Thank you so reporting about your experience so far! I think you and a couple of others have found a problem with the Tags migration code in Windows. I'm not sure exactly what's happening yet, but I do think it's related to Windows, and I've got the developer looking into the problem now. Hopefully we'll have a fix in the store either today or tomorrow. Unfortunately, since the tag are getting lost in the migration, I'm doubtful they will be able to be restored automatically in the new release.

The good news is, you should be able to restore from a backup to get the tags back. You can find backups in different ways on your different devices. On iOS, you can simply open the Settings, then look in the Backups section. You should see a list of 5 of your most recent backups. On Windows, if you had the auto-backup feature turned on, then you will be able to find backups in the folder you chose for storing those backups. If you did have it turned on, you can find that folder in the Backups section of mSecure's Settings in the Windows version.

Before doing anything, however, I want to make sure you create a brand new backup, even though the tags are missing. This will ensure that if you created any new records over the past day, they'll still be available. Then, after restoring from your most recent backup to get your tags back, you can do a merge restore (new feature in v6) from the new backup you just created in V6. That would bring in any new data you created over the past day, though you would still need to tag those new records. If that doesn't make sense, let me know, and I'll continue to help.

Now for your questions...

2) There isn't any way to search for records that don't have tags, but I think that should be a very easy feature to add. It would actually be a filter you could use, much like the old "Unknown" group feature you mentioned. It could be something like "Untagged," and it would reside most likely at the bottom of the tags filter list. I don't make the final decisions on these types of things, but I will get the idea over to our developer today to see what they think.

3) You can use any sync feature you would like with a Premium subscription. However, as you thought, since cross-account sharing only works with mSecure Cloud, you would be forfeiting the user of the Sharing Center features.

4) Since accounts have to be linked before they can be added to shared vaults, there is no way for a user with an Essentials account to be added to a vault. The vaults are the the objects that determine a user's access to a record, so sharing can't be done between Premium and Essentials accounts.

5) Thank you for the feedback for the UX on iPad. As @Andy reported after you, he has reported similar dislikes with the iPad UI. As we continue development, we will be enhancing the UI for the iPad version and the other platforms as we continue to receive feedback. @Andy's feedback is already on our radar, and yours will be added to it. I do have to be honest here and mentioned there are other features on our roadmap that have a higher priority, so I'm not sure when any UI updates to iPad would be moved up on the priority list.

@Mike, thanks for your rapid response as always, answered me perfectly. I shall do my backup as you suggested and wait for the fix before applying your 'merge' technique to hopefully get the Tags back.

Sorry for pointing out all the 'niggles', I would like to go on record to say that the product is brilliant and v6 is definitely an improvement from the last. I shall definitely be subscribing to the Premium version (but awaiting news on Family pricing first). I also appreciate that the things I pointed out are probably low on the priority list which I'm fine with as long as they are up for consideration.

Thanks to you and the team, keep up the awesome work!

Mike - thanks for the quick response - I have restored my iOS and MacOS versions of the database and the tags are back.

I'm assuming those of us who have this problem should avoid touching the Windows version of mSecure until you let us know its safe?

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