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Multi-line field type


I miss a multi-line field type like the note card field.

Why do I need it? I like to store asymmetric key pairs (for SSH for example) in mSecure. I can't use for this any field type because they all are single line. Of course it would be nice to have protected and not protected versions.

I guess it an easy addition because you already have the note field and it is multi-line.

Hi Mike, 

Thank you for the feature request. You can currently use a Text Field or Password field to store something like an Private Key. In the future, we are considering introducing a specific Keys field to help hide the information for keys in the future as well though.

Note that I just tested this an it seems that our Windows version is not allowing any return characters. I have written this up as a bug and it will be fixed in our next update. 

Thank you Eden!

Response from 2 years ago says this is a bug in the windows version, and it will be fixed in the next release. As of 1/7/2021, it's still a bug! Records imported from mSecure 4 display multiple lines in the Win 10 version (, but I can't edit the multi-line data. Also can't create new records with multi-line text. BIG pain in the neck! Multi-line text works fine with my Android phone.

Apologies...I spoke too soon. On both Windows and Android versions of mSecure 5, the Text and Text (no auto-correct) fields are single-line only. The Note field that magically appears when editing a record IS multi-line on both platforms. Which comes back to the original post -- I would also like a multi-line text field that can be added to type templates. Or just make it possible to add another Note field.

Again, sorry for incorrect previous post.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for contacting us about this. I'm not exactly sure what the representative using this account 2 years ago meant about the bug he described. All of the field types are intended to be one line only except for the Note field which every record has by default, and there is no way to add a custom Note type field. Unfortunately, at this time, we don't have any active plans on adding a multi-line field type, but I can add it as a feature request if you would like.

In order to add it as a feature request, I will need to get some information from you. Can you provide some details on what makes it necessary to have multi-line fields? What types of data are you storing, and how does the multi-line field help? As of yet, we don't have any information other than what @Mike Eshva wrote above that helps us understand the use-case for such fields, so knowing how it would help can push it forward in development.

I find multi-line text fields to be handy for adding that doesn't necessarily fit any particular formatting type. Also, it's useful if you need data that would require adding a lot of individual fields. For example, I administer all the the wireless routers used by my family's multiple households. Some of those routers can have up to five username/password combinations (ie, 2.4 GHz connection, 5 GHz connection, 2.4 GHz Guest connection, 5 GHz Guest connection, and admin connection). I could create a separate record for each of those connections on each router, but that could be up to 15 records to cover all the routers I'm administering. I find it far more convenient to create one record for each router, use the predefined username/password fields for the most commonly used connection type, and use multi-line text fields to hold the remaining data. I also use a multi-line text field to hold router-specific information, such as manufacturer, model, serial number, and factory default configuration.

Finally, a multi-line text field is very handy as a catch-all. I'm using the pre-defined Note field for most of those. However, there are times when the field contents get pretty long and I'd like to break them up across multiple fields.

Thank you Dave! I have documented your response in our feature request board. It will be on our radar as we continue development of mSecure.

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