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Multi-line field type


I miss a multi-line field type like the note card field.

Why do I need it? I like to store asymmetric key pairs (for SSH for example) in mSecure. I can't use for this any field type because they all are single line. Of course it would be nice to have protected and not protected versions.

I guess it an easy addition because you already have the note field and it is multi-line.

Hi Mike, 

Thank you for the feature request. You can currently use a Text Field or Password field to store something like an Private Key. In the future, we are considering introducing a specific Keys field to help hide the information for keys in the future as well though.

Note that I just tested this an it seems that our Windows version is not allowing any return characters. I have written this up as a bug and it will be fixed in our next update. 

Thank you Eden!

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