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iPhone mSecure appears as 30 days trial version, although desktop app shows ProMac license

I bought the Black Friday bundle from Cult of Mac and did this mainly because of mSecure.

I installed the desktop app on Mojave 10.14.1 with no issues. A user name I used my Apple ID email address.

Then I installed mSecure for iOS through App Store. The mobile app got installed and shows the same user name, i.e. my Apple ID email, but it shows that the license is a 30 trial version.

As I read in the documentation at a first time login on a mobile device, a QR must be scanned. But there is no way to scan the QR that is shown on the desktop app, or that I received via email. 

I wonder why no QR scan was offered when I started the mobile app the first time (I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it back).

Maybe I am missing something.

I am happy about any hint, as customer support hints also were not leading to a solution.

Here about my systems:

iMac 27"" late 27 mSecure installed successfully showing ProMac license 

MPB 13"" 2016 nSecure installed successfully showing ProMac license

iPhone 6 Plus mSecure installed successfully, but license is a 30 day trial one.
On all three devices I login with the same credentials.

Thanks in advance for any hints and solving this issues.

Best regards from Munich, Germany (maybe this could be the cause, as I use German AppStore to download mSecure for iOS) 

Hi Djino,

Thank you for contacting us. The mSecure 5 Mac bundle license is for mSecure 5 for Mac and Mac only. The QR code is a security system and has been automated for ease of use. It is not a license.

We provide all new accounts a 30 day trail and that includes any accounts that were created for the various Mac bundles being offered. You can try out  all the mSecure 5 features on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows during your trial period. After the trial period, you'll be able to continue using all the mSecure 5 features on Mac since you own a Mac license. However, you'll need to purchase a full mSecure Pro license to continue using all the mSecure features on other devices beyond the trial period. 

Thankfully, we offer customers who've purchase the mSecure 5 Mac license a $14.99 USD price to upgrade to the full mSecure 5 (mSecure Pro) license. You can upgrade at this price by going to our website and signing in to your account to purchase a license:

So you are saying that I need to buy an additional license for $14,99 to use mSecure not only a Mac (macOS derives) but on iOS devices !?!

My issue is that on my iOS devices the license is a trial one, although I have a ProMac license. This seems as a bug. I assume that it is related to the fact that I use the German App Store.

I am not interested in extending the license to Windows and Android, at least not right now.

I suggest that you check my account "dino.zanko(AT)" for 
Now I experience even new issues. Synchronisation between MBP and iMac is working, where on the iPhone no items are (notes, credit cards etc.)are shown. Seems as synchronization is no longer  working. 
I did a few reinstallation's, changes the user email, when trying to fix the trial issue.

Now I guess something messed up. 

Can you please tell me how to reset all, so that synchronization between all devices works again.

okay can be closed 
as soon as I bought the full Pro license, all is working. Even the iPhone switched from trial to Pro.


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