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mSecure Development Priorities

This is part of a response from mSecure in a different post - I thought it would be useful to see the current development priorities under Feature requests:

  1. iOS 12 Auto-Fill implementation - This should be out soon with the iOS 12
  2. Dark mode implementation for macOS 10.14 (Mojave) - Will be available soon with the Mojave release
  3. Bug fixes for all platforms - We have updates planned for all platforms this month to address various bug fixes and implement a few features
  4. Sign in email notifications - Available soon
  5. Browser plugins/extensions - in development
  6. Android Tablet optimization - Planned for a big update in the future
  7. Account info sharing options - Down the road
  8. Team/group options - Down the road
  9. Emergency contact options - Down the road
  10. Improved Groups ability and(or) tagging system - Down the road
  11. Android 8 Auto-Fill implementation - Down the road (Android 8 and 8.1 are currently only on 14.6 percent of Android devices)
My vote would be to concentrate on #10 (Grouping and Tagging) - not interested in anything else on the list

Hi Andy,

Thanks for creating this post. You aren't even interested in bug fixes though? :-P

Yes - bug fixes I guess get highest priority - especially if they have even the slightest impact on security - although to be honest I haven't come across anything on Windows or iOS that I would regard as a bug

I agree with Andy.  Browser plugin/extension...this will just drain resources away from getting mSecure 5.x back to the functionality and speed of mSecure 3/4.  Restore *all* of the previous versions features then add stuff like "Team/group options" whatever that means.  This is a software for the person (hint:  person) to store their passwords.  How on earth would a group/team use this software??  Anyway, tackle bugs and security always first.

Hi Matt,

Beyond the ability to remove custom icons on iOS/Mac, what features is mSecure 5 missing? Please note that there are features that will likely simply not be carrying over, ever, such as the ability to change the record type of a record and(or) Airdrop support.

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