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mSecure Development Priorities

This is part of a response from mSecure in a different post - I thought it would be useful to see the current development priorities under Feature requests:

  1. iOS 12 Auto-Fill implementation - This should be out soon with the iOS 12
  2. Dark mode implementation for macOS 10.14 (Mojave) - Will be available soon with the Mojave release
  3. Bug fixes for all platforms - We have updates planned for all platforms this month to address various bug fixes and implement a few features
  4. Sign in email notifications - Available soon
  5. Browser plugins/extensions - in development
  6. Android Tablet optimization - Planned for a big update in the future
  7. Account info sharing options - Down the road
  8. Team/group options - Down the road
  9. Emergency contact options - Down the road
  10. Improved Groups ability and(or) tagging system - Down the road
  11. Android 8 Auto-Fill implementation - Down the road (Android 8 and 8.1 are currently only on 14.6 percent of Android devices)
My vote would be to concentrate on #10 (Grouping and Tagging) - not interested in anything else on the list

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Hi Andy,

We are always looking for feedback! It looks like our roadmap has things you are wanting or needing. Unfortunately, I don't know how much of a need it would be to have the password feature you describe of needing to specify characters within a password. That seems like a very niche feature that would take a some resources/time to set up. However, perhaps I'm wrong. I don't see a feature requests for this in your post history so I'm sorry if I've missed it, but could you describe how you envision us implementing the feature? 

And, yes, we've learned lots of lessons from our mSecure 5 release. We will definitely keep in mind the priorities of users who want things simpler and want local syncing options always available. Unfortunately, or fortunately, even if browser plugins and sharing features are a "drain on resources", we need to focus on what current customers would like (we mostly get emails about browser plugins from current customer and potential customers) and especially on what will attract new customers. We are a business after all.

In the early days of versions 3 and 4, I requested custom fields, like HanDBase. That never materialized. I accepted that because for the many (5+) years mSecure 4 could otherwise not be touched for multi-communication channel sharing of that ONE essential database of important and protected information. Then 5 appeared and down hill (no over the cliff) mSeven went. Scraping back, trying to get new customers over all those you shoved away, mSecure Cloud only for all the major roadmap items listed for the have simply not listened to customers and as a business (as you state plainly because apparently we don’t know that), you are trying mSeven SW ersion”2.0” when “1.4” working just awesomely! Too bad.

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately, I don't use HanDBase and don't know of the request you made. However, we have custom fields in the app now so we did listen? All the features I listed on the roadmap are for all sync features. The only two that will not be are our Sharing features and the Emergency Access and that's because of technical issues if we even attempted to use the other sync options for those features. I'm sorry that you are not happy here, but again, all features I outlined except 2 are for mSecure using any sync option.

Eden - my request for partial passwords was one of the first feature requests over a year ago - it was headed "Support partial passwords".

Perhaps in the US this would be considered a niche request as financial organizations still mostly stick to the user id/password technique, however in other countries there is widespread use of partial passwords. I'm not looking for automation of this (as its designed to foil automated password tools) but some simple formatting that should not be difficult to set up. I currently store my passwords in blocks of five characters (the ninth character would be the second character from the end of the second block for example). If the password had a header showing the character count I wouldn't need to do this.

Just to be clear - I'm overall a satisfied mSecure user - I tried your main competitors and selected mSecure as being the closest to satisfy my needs. I use it daily on multiple platforms.

My requests are intended to help improve an already good product. 

Hi Andy,

Thank you for the added information. Also, to be clear, I did not think you were complaining about mSecure (simply requesting more information and(or) providing feedback) and I'm happy to know you are satisfied overall with mSecure :-)

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