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download UWP msecure foe W10


I can't download the last msecure for Windows 10 because the store is not working on my PC. Is there any way to download an .exe or .msi to install the app?

Hi Guzman,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  mSecure 5 is only available through the Microsoft Store app. Perhaps you can go through our Microsoft Store fixes guide to help fix the Microsoft Store app on your computer here:

i have problem as well. Going through the store fix guide link doesn't help. 

Hi Jenkins,

I updated the article so it should help you a bit more now. Here's the updated section for you:

Sign out of the Microsoft Store

The first step to fixing any IT issue is generally to turn it off and turn it back on. In the case of the Microsoft Store app, the first step should be to sign out of your Microsoft account, close the app, open the app again, and sign back into your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Store

To sign out of an account on the Microsoft Store app, close the app, and sign back in:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store
  2. Click on your account icon
  3. Click on your account
  4. Click the Sign out option
  5. Close the Microsoft Store
  6. Open the Microsoft Store
  7. Click the account icon and sign back into your account

I repeated the mentioned steps ... but still it does not work!

the message is : not the right device


but in my account is a wind10 laptop!

So would should I do??

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Hi Baumann,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Please use this article to help fix possible Microsoft Store app issues:

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