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download UWP msecure foe W10


I can't download the last msecure for Windows 10 because the store is not working on my PC. Is there any way to download an .exe or .msi to install the app?

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Hi Guzman,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  mSecure 5 is only available through the Microsoft Store app. Perhaps you can go through our Microsoft Store fixes guide to help fix the Microsoft Store app on your computer here:

i have problem as well. Going through the store fix guide link doesn't help. 

Hi Jenkins,

I updated the article so it should help you a bit more now. Here's the updated section for you:

Sign out of the Microsoft Store

The first step to fixing any IT issue is generally to turn it off and turn it back on. In the case of the Microsoft Store app, the first step should be to sign out of your Microsoft account, close the app, open the app again, and sign back into your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Store

To sign out of an account on the Microsoft Store app, close the app, and sign back in:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store
  2. Click on your account icon
  3. Click on your account
  4. Click the Sign out option
  5. Close the Microsoft Store
  6. Open the Microsoft Store
  7. Click the account icon and sign back into your account

I repeated the mentioned steps ... but still it does not work!

the message is : not the right device


but in my account is a wind10 laptop!

So would should I do??

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Hi Baumann,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Please use this article to help fix possible Microsoft Store app issues:

I have just spent over an hour trying to get my win10 to download msecure from the MS store.  I own Msecure for the iphone and have used it for years. Please provide a link to download the app.  I've tried everything mentioned, repair, sign in and sign out, and it still will not let me install.  The window opens after selecting install msecure and then closes.

Hi Michael,

mSecure 5 for Windows is a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app and can only be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. There is no direct download or .exe I can provide here. If you cannot download the app from the Microsoft Store, there is an issue with your Windows installation or the Microsoft Store might be disabled on your machine (Work policies often do this). You will be unable to install mSecure 5 on your computer without using the Microsoft Store. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you here.

This is an ongoing issue that has been absolutely ridiculous. Policies prevent use of the Windows Store and our IT department will not allow me to access it. I am okay to install from an executable or MSI. Please for the sanity of your users provide us a direct link to download. We can not use the UWP it is forbidden by policy.

Hi Eric,

mSecure 5 for Windows is UWP app. It is literally impossible to provide a .exe or .msi for a UWP (Microsoft Store bundle app). I'm sorry that your work has such restrictive policies.

Eden, my recommendation is fire your programmers. If they can not program an .exe or .msi installer like mSeven used to provide and as most other software manufacturers including Microsoft make, then they have zero business working in this environment. You can just look back at all your customers that are needing this and know that mSeven made a critical mistake. It is like the lack of dropbox support you used to have when you first rolled out 5. Get with the program, your competition is becoming more appealing every day. Every single piece of software we uses an installer. Microsoft for example knows this and they provide both options for installing. If you are a home user the store works great, it is quick and easy. If you are a business it is not that simple and it is even worse in government.

Hi Eric,

I'm sorry that a UWP app does not work for you. I'm not sure why we would fire our developers though. We asked them to develop a UWP and they delivered a great UWP app. Most big companies, like Microsoft, can afford to hire two or more teams to handle .exe, .msi, .whatever versions needed. In the past, we did something similar. For example, mSecure 4 was available on Android for the Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Galaxy Store App, and even the Nook Store at one point. mSecure 3 for Windows was also available as a regular desktop app (exe), and as a Microsoft Store app. Unfortunately, we are a small team here and a decision was made to concentrate on one single version per platform for mSecure 5 in order to provide a much better user experience and to deliver updates in a better timeline. Had we made the decision today, we might have elected to create a Electron app instead.  With an Electron app, we could have had a single code base for our Mac and Windows apps and would have been able to easily port the builds as both .exe and uwp apps for Windows. Unfortunately, the Electron Framework was not available to use when we started development of mSecure 5. 

If you have the ability to side load Microsoft Store apps on your work computer(s), you might be able to follow Michael's instructions to install mSecure 5 without the Microsoft Store. Here are the instructions:

Beyond that, we are constantly evaluating our decisions and checking to see how we can change and improve. In the future, we might make a .exe file available to go alongside our current UWP app. Again, I'm sorry that our current software does not work for your work environment.

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