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Shared passwords

My wife and I have several shared accounts (Netflix, mortgage, house wifi password, etc.).

I'd love to have a separate list of records for shared passwords, that would sync when either of us create, update or delete records in that list (assuming we both have mSecure).

The way I envision it is to have a "Open List" option in the menu. It would show lists I have created. I can create a new list (using a different password for that list), and choose to share that list with another user, based on their msecure account email address. Her account would then show that list when she chooses "Open List". I would tell her the password for that list, so that she could unlock it. I'm guessing a requirement is that the backup is stored in msecure cloud, so that both accounts can access it.

It's a large sized Feature Request, but it would be great for couples, families, etc.

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Hi Jason,

I'm sorry that I have not changed the feature request properly here. In truth, I have not updated the value on many of the feature requests here. I will make sure to update all the feature requests here this upcoming week. This feature is fully underway. We have it working on Android, iOS, and Mac properly in testing. Sharing will have it's own section in our app. We will be providing options to mark shared users with  read only, read/write, and full admin permissions to make sure you can provide more granular control on how you share your information. Initially, we were going to make it so that customers could share Groups. However, we've decided to change that and instead introduce Vaults or Collections to mSecure and allows users to share those instead. 

In the future, mSecure will use Collections and allow you to share those collections with others. Collections will work similarly to how Groups work at the moment with records being set to be in your personal collection by default with the ability to create new collections, move records from collection to collection, and share those collections with others. 

At the moment, our main work is in implementing the UI for the sharing feature and finishing the browser plugin (also working on Chrome/Firefox already). We do not currently have public betas for mSecure. However, we will likely be doing a public beta soon to go over this sharing feature, browser plugins, and other features we've been working on. 

That was meant to be a thumbs up... thanks for the update Eden.


Will this be a free update or a paid one?

When will this feature be coming? Will it appear in the Windows 10 app?

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