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Shared passwords

My wife and I have several shared accounts (Netflix, mortgage, house wifi password, etc.).

I'd love to have a separate list of records for shared passwords, that would sync when either of us create, update or delete records in that list (assuming we both have mSecure).

The way I envision it is to have a "Open List" option in the menu. It would show lists I have created. I can create a new list (using a different password for that list), and choose to share that list with another user, based on their msecure account email address. Her account would then show that list when she chooses "Open List". I would tell her the password for that list, so that she could unlock it. I'm guessing a requirement is that the backup is stored in msecure cloud, so that both accounts can access it.

It's a large sized Feature Request, but it would be great for couples, families, etc.

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No problem at all @Thomas! I can help here as well, but I like to keep all of the beta instructions in the other threads =)  You'll find the Sharing Center in the menu of each app. It's one of those features that could be in Settings, but it's also big enough that it demands its own UI more up front in the app. On iOS, if you tap the menu icon in the top left of the main view, you'll see the Sharing Center option in the slide out menu. Tap that, then you'll see the Vaults and Users tab. In the Users tab, you can invite other mSecure accounts to connect with yours, and once you do that, you can add those connected accounts to different vaults you create in the Vaults tab. 

Great! Even if I expected it to be in Settings, it works fine once you find it. Have made same vaults I have in 1Password now and it’s no problem it seems.

Hi again @Thomas. I just saw your post in the other thread, and I wanted to follow-up with you here. I believe the feature you are looking for here is tags and not vaults. While it's possible to use vaults to create buckets for different sets of data, they really are a mechanism intended for data sharing between different accounts. And, with vaults, a record can only belong to one of them. With tags, you can easily add one or many of them to the record to help with isolating data when you need to find it quickly. There is a tags filter in the menu of the app, so once you have tags on a record, you can find that tag in the list of filters, tap on it, then only records that have that tag will be displayed in the main view record list.

On the one hand, tags can feel a lot like a vault, but fundamentally, they are very different features. Tags are meant for the ultimate in flexibility when you're organizing and finding your data based on search queries, while vaults are meant for cross-account sharing.

Go ahead and edit a record, then scroll down, and you'll see a field labeled "Tags." Tap in that field, and start typing. After you have added a tag, or multiple tags, that are appropriate for helping you organize the data in that record, you can save it. After saving it, open the menu of the app on iOS/Android, or go to the left column on Mac/Windows. You should see the Tags filter list, and you'll see the tag(s) you just added to the record. Select the tag, and you'll see the records list in the main view get updated. Alternatively, after adding the tag, tap in the search field and enter the tag's name. The list will be filtered appropriately.

Ok, I’ll try that.

Sounds good @Thomas. Let me know if you have other questions about v6!

Hi Mike. As a matter if fact I noticed that my vaults from 1Password was indeed imported as tags to mSecure. Cool. No need to go through all and manually tag them. Q: if I do vaults, can I as admin see what’s in them? Would be good if say my wifes iPhone gets damaged and she needs a pw from there? But now that I noticed the tag-imort we will probably not use vaults. Is this about tags and vaults and import from 1Password possible to find in FAQ or support pages? So it is easy for new users to find?

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the report about vaults getting imported as tags in mSecure. While I have used 1Password, and I know about their vaults feature, I was actually not aware that the vaults were getting imported as tags, so I'll have to look into this. I would have though that only the tags for records in 1Password (that app has a tags feature as well) would have been added as tags in mSecure.

The difference between tags and vaults is a little more subtle than I would like it to be. When I think of the features, I think more about the code implementation, as I'm responsible for the cloud code that handles some of the record processing, so it's much, much different at that level. In the app, however, the functionality looks really similar. The way to think of tags, and forgive me if this is all obvious stuff I'm rambling about here, is as a quick, almost transient, label you're placing on your records for purely organizational purposes. mSecure can very quickly look at the labels, and then isolate record based on them. 

In contrast, vaults are like buckets or collections of data. Those buckets can have other user accounts added to them with privileges moderating the access the other users have to the data stored in them. Also, and this important, vaults are really only needed if you are sharing data between different mSecure account. So if you and your wife have your own mSecure accounts, and you want to have data shared between those two accounts, then you have to use vaults. In that case, the tags you add to records would never be seen in your wife's mSecure account, because without having access to vaults you add your wife's account to, her account has no way to see any of the data stored in your account. That sentence is poorly written, but the short way to say it is, vaults provide access to the same data shared between different accounts.

Do you and your wife share one mSecure account, or do you each have your own account?

Also, at this time, we don't have a FAQ describing particular points of interest when it comes to data imported from 1Password, but I believe we're going to need to get that ready for v6. I am happy to help in any way I can though =) 

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