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Shared passwords

My wife and I have several shared accounts (Netflix, mortgage, house wifi password, etc.).

I'd love to have a separate list of records for shared passwords, that would sync when either of us create, update or delete records in that list (assuming we both have mSecure).

The way I envision it is to have a "Open List" option in the menu. It would show lists I have created. I can create a new list (using a different password for that list), and choose to share that list with another user, based on their msecure account email address. Her account would then show that list when she chooses "Open List". I would tell her the password for that list, so that she could unlock it. I'm guessing a requirement is that the backup is stored in msecure cloud, so that both accounts can access it.

It's a large sized Feature Request, but it would be great for couples, families, etc.

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HI Ben,

Thank you for the feature request. This has been something in our radar for some time now. I believe our goal is to eventually create this kind of feature. However, it's always great to have feedback from customers about wanting such sharing abilities. 

I would hope that we would still be able to use wifi sync with this; not everyone is comfortable with any kind of cloud storage for sensitive information.

I would like to be able to segregate out my work entries from personal, so that my personal could be shared with my wife, so sounds like we are asking for the same thing.

Hi Kevin,

I'm not exactly sure how this feature will be implemented. However, it will likely require our mSecure Cloud syncing feature. There is still a possibility that we would set up our syncing features to work with WiFi syncing. However, it is highly unlikely. Ideally, we would allow you to share specific groups with others and have control of who is allowed to edit records in the shared groups. 

I have been asking this feature for many years now.

I have some entries and passwords which I need to share with family members. It would be so easy if I could just share those entries with them via Dropbox or any other sync method.

Currently the only solution is to add those entries in their devices separately.

Soon to be a deal breaker.  If I'm out of pocket (health, travel, etc) my wife will have no way to manage our situation.  I've used mSecure for years, she has to come ask me about passwords, etc.  Please make this one a priority.  

Hi Reivers,

You can always share your mSecure account with others. Personally, my wife and I use a single mSecure account for all our information. She generally doesn't use the app much, but I store all the important information on it so I like her to be able to have access to all of the information in case anything were to happen.

I hope this is the top priority in next major update. Multiple vaults and sharing vaults will make things much more easier.

Hi Dharmil,

Yes, sharing features and better filtering options are our top priority beyond browser plugins.

One note to this: until this feature is implemented, icloud backup doesn't work with the workaround to use one account between me and my partner's devices, since we have different icloud accounts. mSecure's iCloud  documentation says this, but I didn't read that until after I tried (and failed). So wifi or msecure cloud are the only options for backup for 2 people using one msecure account.

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