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Can't login on W10

Can't import accout key file - where do i get the key? the mail from iphone send a pdf file - possible is only jpeg, pgn or msecurekey

Can't import from clipboard - the is no file - possible is only jpeg, pgn or msecurekey too

Can't use camera - msecure wants to use mirco but not the camera ...


HI Andreas,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. The QR code email contains your encrypted account key, a png image of your QR code, and a PDF attachment for safe keeping. When authenticating your mSecure account in mSecure 5 on Windows, you have the option to use your clipboard, an account key or QR code image (file), or the camera.

  1. File Import
    • In  order to import the QR code, you will need to save the QR picture in  the mSecure Authentication Email. To do that, open the email on your  device, right click on the QR picture, and save image. Once the image is  saved on your computer, select the File Import option and navigate to  your QR code image file.
  2. Import from Clipboard
    • Copy  the “Encrypted Account Key” from your mSecure QR code Email to your  device’s clipboard, then press the clipboard icon button to import the  key.
    • Copy the QR code image from your mSecure QR code Email to  your device’s clipboard, then press the clipboard icon button to import  the key.
  3. Use Camera
    • Use  this device’s camera to scan to QR code in your mSecure Authentication  email or the account settings of mSecure running on another device.

Unfortunately, I don't understand your issue with the camera. However, the two first options should be easy enough to use that you shouldn't need a camera. Here's a guide with videos that could help:

It works !!! don't no why not before :-)

 I appear to have the same issue.   I've saved the QR code as a PNG and I get an auth failed message.  I copy the secure auth code into the clipboard (verified that its there by pasting multiple times into notepad) and click the 2nd option and I get the dialog import box for the first option.   It doesnt seem to attempt to do anything with the key loaded into the clipboard.

Hi Tom,

Please use this article to go over invalid QR code issues: 

I'm having the same issue. I only got the PDF and the the actual key. I copy the key to my clipboard but can't paste it as the "Import from Clipboard"  brings up the file dialog. 

Can someone please help?



Hi Ivan,

I just saw you other post, and I'm going to respond add a response to that thread.

Trying to log in to change payment info but keeps telling me wrong username or password.

@Wayne Can you let me know where you're trying to log in to make the change to your payment information? The only place this can be done is on our website: If you log in to your account there, you should have no problems changing your payment information.

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