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Managing Your mSecure Subscription

There are two ways you can sign up for your mSecure subscription, and the ways in which you can make changes to your subscription differ depending on how you signed up. We have a greater ability to support you when you sign up for your subscription from our website - We use a service called Paddle which handles the purchases made from our site. They provide the greatest amount of flexibility when it comes to making changes to your subscription. If you signed up for your subscription through our website, please click here to sign in to your account. On the account overview page, you'll see an option to make changes to your subscription.

When signing up from within the mSecure app, you are actually signing up through the app store your device is connected to. For iOS, you are going through the App Store, for Mac, through the Mac App Store, for Android, through the Play Store, and for Windows, you're signing up through the Microsoft Store. When making your purchase from inside mSecure, you have the least amount of flexibility for making changes, and these app stores don't give their third-party developers the ability to help their customers.

Below is information and instructions for managing your subscription on the different platforms through which you can sign up for an mSecure Subscription:

Our Website (

As of mSecure 6, you now can sign in to your account on our website. To be clear, you are only able to view details about your account online. You cannot view the information stored in your mSecure app(s). Currently, from the Accounts Overview page, you can only cancel your subscription. If you would like to change the subscription, i.e. go from Essentials to Premium, please email us at, and we can do that for you.

Below are a list of changes you'll be able to make in the future as we upgrade the Account functionality on our site:

  1. Upgrade the tier and/or billing frequency (ex. change from Essentials monthly to Premium yearly)
  2. Update the payment method you use (ex. change the credit card used for payment)

If you need to do any of the following, please contact our support team via email or post your question in our support forum, and we will help in any way we can:

  1. Downgrade your account (ex. change from Premium yearly to Essentials monthly)
  2. Request refunds, either full or partial

iOS and Mac

For the first release, a subscription can be created in the iOS and Mac mSecure apps, but no changes can be made. Functionality for subscription changes from inside mSecure is planned, but as of now, you can only make changes Apple offers in both the App Store app for iOS and the Mac App Store app on Mac: Manage your Apple subscriptions.

IMPORTANT: At this time, you can only cancel a subscription purchased through the iOS or Mac mSecure app in the App Store apps referenced above.


For those who signed up in the Android app, you have a few subscription change options in mSecure's Account Settings, and there are others in your Google Play subscription settings.

From inside mSecure's Account Settings, you can upgrade the tier and/or billing frequency on your subscription. For example, if you have a monthly Essentials subscription, and you wanted to move over to a yearly Premium subscription instead, simply tap "Change My Subscription" in Account Settings. You'll see a screen with subscription information, and only changes you are allowed to make will be available. In this case, the account already has a monthly Essentials subscription, so if you were to tap the Essentials tab, you could only tap the button to select a yearly Essentials subscription. If you were to tap the Premium tab, both monthly and yearly subscriptions could be selected.

More options for changing your subscription are available on your Google Play My subscriptions page online. Simply find your mSecure subscription, then tap/click "Manage." You will be able to cancel the subscription, update your primary payment method or set up/update your backup payment method.

IMPORTANT: You can only cancel a subscription purchased through the Android mSecure app in the Google Play subscription settings. Google doesn't provide developers with the ability to cancel subscriptions from inside third-party apps.


Subscriptions can only be started in the Windows mSecure app. After the subscription is started, no changes can be made from the Account Settings. In order to make any changes, you have to visit the Services & subscriptions settings for your Microsoft account, and you are only allowed to make changes Microsoft makes available to you. From your account's subscription settings you can pause (turn off recurring billing) or cancel your mSecure subscription, and you can change the payment method. In order to change from one subscription tier to another, and/or change the billing frequency of the plan, you have to first cancel the subscription in your Microsoft subscription settings, wait for the subscription to expire, then purchase a new plan from inside the mSecure app.

IMPORTANT: You can only cancel a subscription purchased through the Windows mSecure app in the Microsoft Services & subscription settings. Microsoft doesn't provide developers with the ability to cancel subscriptions from inside third-party apps.

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