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WiFi syncing between Android and Windows - Older Versions

With mSecure on Android you can sync through Wi-Fi or Dropbox. Syncing through Dropbox allows you to automatically sync any changes made in mSecure, but if you want to keep everything within your network, for extra security, you can use the manual Wi-Fi syncing option


In order to sync your mSecure data via Wi-Fi, there are a few requirements you will need to meet. First, a Wi-Fi sync can only be initiated from the mobile version of mSecure when syncing with the desktop version of the app. If you have not installed mSecure on your desktop, you will need to do that before following the instructions that follow.

After mSecure is installed on your Windows computer, you will need to make sure that both apps are using the same login password. mSecure uses your login password to make sure each app is authorized to communicate with one another. If you not using the same password, mSecure will display an error message telling that the passwords don’t match.

Next, you will need to ensure mSecure on your Windows computer and Android devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. If each device is not on the same Wi-Fi network there will be no way for the two mSecure apps to communicate with one another.Lastly, mSecure will need to be running on your Windows computer, and you will need to logged in to the app as well. If you are not logged into mSecure on your desktop, mSecure will display an error message.

NOTE: As stated above, a Wi-Fi sync can only be initiated from mSecure running on a mobile device. Therefore, the sync button in the desktop version of mSecure will be disabled when using the Wi-Fi sync feature, and it is only enabled when the Dropbox sync features are set up. You can learn how to use Dropbox syncing in mSecure for Android by clicking here.

To begin a Wi-Fi sync in mSecure, you will first have to open and login to mSecure on your desktop.

Logging into mSecure on your Android device

Once you are logged into mSecure on your desktop, open and login to mSecure on your Android device.

Accessing mSecure’s Settings menu

In order to initiate the Wi-Fi sync, you will need to go to mSecure’s settings. To do this, tap the mSecure logo, or swipe from left to right, to bring up mSecure’s Navigation Drawer.

From there, you can sort your records by name, group, type, and date last modified. You can also access the mSecure Browser and mSecure’s settings.

Accessing mSecure’s Preferences menu

Once you bring up mSecure’s Navigation Drawer, tap on Settings to continue to mSecure Sync Setup menu.

Accessing the Sync Setup menu

Once you are in mSecure’s settings, tap on Sync Setup.

Wifi Sync Options

Tap on WiFi Connection in the “Sync Setup” screen.

Wi-Fi Sync Connections

Tap on “+” icon on the bottom of the screen to manually enter your computer’s IP Address.

As mentioned earlier, in order to complete mSecure’s Wi-Fi sync, you will need to make sure that mSecure’s login password matches on both devices. If the passwords don’t match, mSecure will not be able to complete the sync process. For more information on changing you Android mSecure login password, you can view this guide.

To simplify the Wi-Fi sync process, you can download and install iTunes which includes Apple’s Bonjour Printer Services. Bonjour is an app that runs in the background on your PC, and it enables devices running on the same network to find one another automatically. If you prefer, you can simply install the stand-alone Bonjour app without installing the entire iTunes app as well.

You can download and install iTunes here

You can download and install Bonjour here

Connection name and desktop IP Address

After tapping on the “+” icon, you will have to give your connection a name, and enter your desktops IP Address and port number. For the connection name, you can enter something simple like, “My laptop”.

Desktop IP Address

You can find out what your desktop’s IP Address is by going into the Wifi Sync tab in the Preferences menu of mSecure on your desktop. mSecure’s default port number is 4070. It is possible, though rarely needed, to change the port number by selecting the Static option.

Save connection details

Once you have entered your connection name, IP Address and port number, tap Save to save your connection details.

Note: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is turned on by default on most routers. DHCP allows your router to give your computer an IP Address. Sometimes, after restarting your computer, your router might assign it a different IP Address. Please make sure to verify your computer’s IP Address has not changed by following the instructions in the Desktop IP Address step above.

Initiate the Wi-Fi sync

Once you have saved your connection details, tap on your computer in the Select Connection list to initiate the Wi-Fi sync.

Wi-Fi Sync completed

Once the Wi-Fi sync is complete, you will see a list of all changes that took place during the sync.

Saved Connections list

mSecure keeps a list of manually entered IP Address and found saved connections. In order to use the manual connection you just created, you can tap on the “My laptop” connection. As long as you are logged into mSecure on your Windows Computer, the sync should complete successfully.

Possible issues

There are many reasons why mSecure might have trouble communicating between your devices. The three most common reasons are listed below along with brief troubleshooting tips to help you in solving the problem.

Logging into mSecure on your Windows computer

If you are not logged into mSecure on your desktop, you will receive a “Sync Operation failed” message.

mSecure cannot establish a connection

If mSecure cannot establish a connection, you will be receive a “Please check that the desktop software is running and the IP address is valid” message.

This usually happens when mSecure is closed on your desktop, or by the desktop firewall blocking incoming communication from the mSecure app on your Android device. In the case of a firewall issue, you should be able to fix the problem by adding mSecure to the exceptions list in the firewall settings of your computer’s Control Panel and(or) any anti-virus program you are running.

Need more help?

If checking these common problems doesn’t fix the issue, please visit our forum for further support.

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