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can't access my account


I can not acces my mSecure Account any more 
I have à Family account and installed the  software on my old iPhone yesterday evening as a backup device and it was asked me to change the password and I think I did not understand the question and entered the current password (or I thaught I did)
The iPhone tell me I have changed my password now and the old password do not work any more on my Mac and current iPhone and it is impossible to acces my Account any more
Fortunately the backup i made on iCloud one hour before works to acces my data with a new Account (
Is it possible to recover my Account with my previous password. I have my account key ?

The link ou sent me does not work

Thank you for tour help 



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Hi Marc,

Thank you for contacting us. The good news here is that you have access to your information, so that's very much a relief. All we need to know is figure out what to do with your accounts. I think the easiest thing to do would be to move over to your new account. As long as I'm able to find any subscription information in our system, I can move it over to the new account. You would just have to make sure you have all your mSecure apps signed in to the new account.

One thing to mention, I checked for accounts using your account you're using here in the forum, and I also checked for one using your email address. However, I was unable to find an account in our system using either of those email addresses. Are you sure you have two different accounts, and if so, are you sure those are the email addresses on those acccounts?

Hello Mike,

No my account is not available any more (,).

Do you have a family account subscription attached with this mail ?

My mSecure app (macckook pro and IPhones) are empty

I am unable to restore my datas (I ve got backups on iCloud)

On of our mailbox has been hacked

I wonder if I am a victim of pishing

I changed my most important passwords and don't dare to use mSecure any more

I don't know what to do now



Hi Marc,

What do you mean when you say your account is not available any more? You do not have an account using that email address in our system. This is not an issue of phishing, it's that an account was never created in the first place. People can't phish some information from you and then delete your account from our system. That would be a lot of energy for no return, which is not how hackers work.

What I believe is happening here is that you have been using the older version of mSecure, which does not have an account system at all. When you say you have a Family account, are you saying you have a Apple Family account? If you are saying you have an mSecure Family Subscription, do you have any receipts showing that subscription is active?

Also, you say that you can't open mSecure on either your Mac or iPhone. What does the app icon look like on those devices? Is it a really dark blue color, or is it a brighter blue color? If it's dark blue, do you see an email address at the top of the lock screen when you open the app on either device?


I have an account in your system

I have an mSecure family account

The icon is dark blue color with my email written on it:

I join you screenshots



Hi Marc,

Thank you for the screenshots. I can see your "" email address on the lock screen on your Mac. However, that account does not exist in our system. The means one of two things has happened: 1) You deleted your account from the Account Settings of the mSecure app on a different device; 2) You chanced the email address for your account in the mSecure app on a different device.

The good news is, I was able to find the subscription you created in our Paddle merchant account. Paddle handles all of the transactions on our site, so your information is documented in their system when you sign up for a subscription. So I can see your subscription now, but the account that subscription is applied to doesn't exist, so I'm now certain your account has been deleted.

If you deleted your account, there is no way for me to find it, because we purposefully keep no record of the email address for the account that was deleted. When an account is deleted, ALL data associated with the account is deleted from our system.

Since I can see the subscription, I can apply it to a new account if you would like to create one. If you were to do this, the only way you would be able to get your data back would be to restore from a backup that would have been made before the account was deleted. Would you like to create a new mSecure account and have me apply your subscription to it?

Hello Mike,

Thank you for your mail

I'm not sure I want to continue to use Secure.

Is it possible you repay my subscription ?

Thank you


Hi Marc,

I can refund your purchase for your subscription, but I'm not sure why you are wanting to do this. I'm certain either you or someone with access to your mSecure account deleted it on either an iOS or Mac mSecure app. Our system cannot delete the account on it's own, so someone processed the deletion even after seeing the warning the app displays telling you that the account will be deleted and that the action cannot be undone.

It's very simple to create a new account and I can move your subscription over to it. I can help you with that if you would like.

Also, on your subscription, you have four family members added to the subscription. All of those family members have an mSecure account. Are you no longer wanting cover their mSecure license?

So ok to create a new account

It is ok to create a new account, and you can use" email address since it's not in our system. One thing to mention, you'll need to reset the Mac app first before you'll be able to do this, so it would be easiest to simply get the new account set up on your iPhone instead. To do that, simply reinstall mSecure on that device, then create a new account with your "" email address and whatever password you would like to use.

After you do that, let me know. I'll move your subscription over to the new account, and I'll send instructions on how to reset mSecure on your Mac.

Recover One of our support representatives sent you an email to help with the problem you are experiencing in mSecure. If he's not able to help, please let me know and I'll look into the matter as well.

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