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Feature Request: Edit attributes without exposing sensitive information

The user must open the record and expose sensitive information to configure the vault or tag attributes.  I would like to see a feature where those record attributes can be changed without opening the record OR a global setting to hide sensitive information, by default, when opening a record to edit.  

Thank you for your feedback! So I know I'm understanding you correctly, are you saying that after you edit a record, you would like to have sensitive fields, like password, credit card and sensitive number fields hidden by default? Currently, when the record details are brought into view, the data should be concealed if you have that setting enabled. However, when you edit a record, all of the fields become readable so you can know what you're editing.

If I'm understanding correctly, can you provide an example of where this feature would be needed? I'm not saying it isn't needed, we just like to get examples from customers requesting feature so we know why they think the features are needed.


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