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6.1 release and other upcoming features

I got an email saying version 6.1 will be released soon. Do you have an exact date of when? 

I was also wondering when will the other features mentioned in the "Roadmap of Upcoming features" will be released? Like the Device Sign-In Statistics, Hide from Main View, Have I been Pwned integration and Record linking. 

And will there eventually be a option to access a vault via an internet browser?

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for contacting us. 6.1 will be released very soon, but I don't have an exact day. We're hoping it will be this week, but we still have a bit of testing to do after update our server with the new code. After we do that, then it will simply be a matter of pushing all apps to the various App Stores.

With regards to the feature roadmap, we are in the process of finalizing our 6.2 features now, so more information about that release will be available soon. Our initial plans for 6.2 has the Pwned integration, so I believe that will be added in the next release. As for "Hide from Main View" and "Record Linking," I'm not sure at this time if they will be implemented in 6.2 or not.

As for using mSecure in a web browser, I don't know if/when that will happen. One of the main reasons we don't have plans for that type of functionality is the tremendous amount of risk involved when you make sensitive information available online in a web browser. It's possible to do it right, of course, but a door to all sorts of security problems gets opened, and that's a risk we don't want to take at this time. We have not ruled that feature out, but it would take a lot of time and resources to implement, so it's not on our radar at this time.

2FA via Yubi key is mentioned in the updated features.  Will this be based on the Webauth standard and will it also be compatible with Apple Passkeys that are built into Keychain?  I would also like to see the ability to add basic formatting (bold, italic, underline) to text in Notes and other fields. 

@David I'm not sure if you saw our other thread that discusses 2FA and Yubikey-specific information:

Of particular importance is that we have deferred the implementation of Yubikey support, because we have not been able to get the information needed as to how the Yubikey SDK can be integrated into a Mac app. We know it is possible because some of our competitors offer this feature, but based on our research it would require deep level architectural changes to the app that we simply can't do at this time.

So we haven't ruled out implementing Yubikey support, but we do have some other questions for our Mac users. Since M1 Macs now have Touch ID support, mSecure will have the ability to be secured via biometric security. If you are a Mac user, do you feel it necessary to have an external dongle from Yubikey essentially offering the same type of security? If so, can you explain that in some detail?

For your question about Apple Passkeys, I know it was related to the Yubikey support, but we are currently researching how that technology will be able to be integrated into mSecure. There are different companies working on an open source implementation for passwordless authentication, and we plan to get on board with that development as soon as possible.

I had not read the prior thread and thank you for that information.  Having read it now, and being a user of strong passwords and biometrics on all our devices, it's hard for me to see how a dongle (or any 2FA) adds much to mSecure, assuming the user has a strong password.  It's hard to even see how password-less authentication adds much since you already seem to have an extra layer of authentication for unauthenticated devices.  FYI, we don't use Yubikey, and I frankly don't see much future for widespread adoption of dongles since they're so inconvenient.  I would like to see wider use of password-less authentication via Apple's Passkey or similar "baked-in" solutions for critical/sensitive websites like banks, payment apps and cloud storage apps.  I'd still be an mSecure user because there're a lot of un-sensitive logins and other less critical information that I'd keep there.  Thank you for an excellent product.  

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