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mSecure 6.1 Attach any type fo file

I was pleased to get themSecure 6.1  email stating that attachments are no longer going to be restricted to specific file types.

Provided these attachments can be easily downloaded on each of the supported platforms rather than viewed using an internal mSecure viewer this will be a major upgrade

Thank you for the feedback Andy! In each of the platforms, you'll be able to download each attachment to the device. Once downloaded, you can view it in any app you like, share it with others, and print the document if needed.

Thanks Mike - this will be welcome - I just checked and it was one of the first feature requests when this forum was started five years ago

Excellent - works well - just tried saving files without a native viewer on one platform and accessing from a different platform.

Thanks for this update.

No problem at all Andy and thank you for your feedback! Please let me know if you have any questions about the new version.

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