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Duplicate Entry When I Edit a Record

I migrated from Password Plus with no issues. I work on my MacBook Pro running Monterey 12.3.1 and an iPhone and an iPad. I edited a record today and now I have two of the same record on my desktop app and only one on my iPhone and iPad (this is the way it should be). Any ideas of how to fix this on the desktop?

Hi Betsy,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what could be happening here, because this is not something I have run into before in my testing or with other customers. To be clear, what you have described should not happen. When you edit a record on any device, the record should not be duplicated, and whatever changes you made, should be synced over to your other devices.

I'm going to have you try editing a different record real quick to see if this issue is reproducible. Go ahead and choose any record on your MacBook, click on the record, then click the pencil icon in the bottom right to edit the record. Simply add a dash/hyphen to the end of the title, then click the bottom in the bottom right to save the change. Did a new record get created on your Mac? If not, open mSecure on your other devices. Did the hyphen you added sync over to the other devices?

I could not duplicate it. I am afraid to delete it because it is in my phone and iPad correctly. I can live with one records as long as I know it is not a bug.

As long as I have you here - can I delete the tag on my records that says CSV Import - 4/24/22 which is when I migrated over from Passwords Plus? By the way I had no difficulty at all migrating over to mSecure and I have 622 records. Yes, I know I should go in and delete some, but my brain always says "Wait, you might need that (even though it hasn't been used in 10 years)."

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hi Betsy,

You can go ahead and delete whichever record is a duplicate, just make sure the data is the same in each record. When you delete the one record, it should be deleted on all your other devices. Also, if you wanted, you could always restore the record you deleted from the "Deleted" records filter, which you can see in the left column of the Mac mSecure app. That is the place all your deleted records are stored, and then you can either restore them or permanently delete them later.

For the "CSV Import - 4/24/22" tag, you can delete that by first clicking the tag in the left column. After you do that, all of the records with that tag will be displayed in in the main view (the middle column). Select one of the records, then press "command + A" on your keyboard to select them all. In the batch editor to the right, simply click the Tags option, click in the field and delete that one tag, then save the changes. That will remove the tag from the records and from the database altogether.

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