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Help with support ticket 87074

Sorry to post in the forum but I created a support ticket #87074 seven days ago and it has not been responded to yet. I'm worried the support ticket system is not working. The question has to do with billing. I paid for msecure but it still says it's in trial. Thank you. 

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue with your support ticket. The system is working, but we had to send out an email to customers last week letting them know we had to reset the system due to really high volume of support requests. At the time, we know that most all of the issues were around a few points of confusion, so we addressed them in the email, and then let customers know we were closing the tickets and to open a new one if the issue they were having persisted. I apologize if you didn't receive that email.

In response to your question, I checked your account, and the license was not applied, but I was able to find your purchase. I simply added the v5 license manually.

One thing to mention, however, though you do now have an Essentials account, which persists after the Premium trial expires, you will still see that your account in in a Premium trial. That's because even though you purchased the v5 Pro license, the Premium features are still available to you until the trial ends. After it ends, since you have an Essentials account, you will have access to the Essentials features moving forward.

Another note, unless you sign up for a subscription, the banner at the bottom of the left column on desktop or in the menu on mobile devices, does stay on the screen. You have an Essentials account, but the ad does stay there.

Thanks Mike!

No problem at all Aaron! Let me know if you need further assistance.

Hello Mike,

Thanks for what has been so far a great password manager!  I have made the upgrade to the premium version of mSecure 6 via Paypal.  However on my pc (Windows 10 pro) the banner showing that I'm on a trial version with 16 days to go has not disappeared.  On ios devices it has but not on my pc.  Do I need to uninstall and re-download the program to get this straightened out or is a fix of some sort on the way?

Hi Stephen,

I'm not sure what's happening here, but you may be running into an issue that should be fixed in the next release published to the Microsoft Store. However, before I make that determination, can you open the app, then go to your Account Settings? What does it tell you about your account type? Next, go back to the main view. Did the banner disappear?


The trial banner is gone and account type is premium...Perfect! 

Thanks again!

Very nice Stephen! I think you were dealing with a bug here, but it will be fixed in the next release. That bug made it to where you would see the banner when you shouldn't, and you had to go to the Account Settings to force the update. If you continue to deal with this even after 6.0.252 is published sometime next week, please let me know.

Will do Mike and by the way it occurred this morning and checking the account settings fixed it again.  Not a big deal but it is a bug as you say.

Mike I'd also like to know if a browser extension is required for the 'auto copy' feature to work properly.  What is happening is that if I turn on both Auto Copy Unsername and Auto Copy Password and then paste into the boxes on a web site both username and password are pasted into the same box.  Doesn't matter which box I paste into.  For example with both options turned on what I get in username box or the password box is... "theusernameandthepassword".  I use Firefox on Windows 10.

Hi Stephen,

One quick update, the version you will be downloading is going to be greater than, since we're tying to get a bug fixed that's turning out to be more difficult than we initially thought it would be.

With regards to the auto-copy feature, it is working the way it's supposed to. The clipboard for devices only has a single context on which to copy data, so if you choose to copy the username and the password field, it has no choice but to put them both together as you are reporting. Does that make sense? It can't paste only the username data into a form field and then know when you enter the password field on the form and paste it in. The clipboard app in the OS can only store a single piece of data that will be pasted somewhere.

The only other way to do it is to copy only the username or the password when launching the URL, then you can paste that data into either of the fields. After that, you go back to the record in mSecure and copy the other field data onto the clipboard to be pasted into the other form field.

When the browser extension is created for Windows, none of what you are doing here will be necessary. All of the data transfer will be handled by the extension.

Mike, thanks for quick reply and I understand copying and pasting  username and password as separate actions.  This is how I've always used the program.  Guess I misunderstood the directions provided in the the help section, but I get it now!  Any predictions on the timing of the update you mentioned or the browser extension?  Thanks again for the thorough explanation.

No problem at all Stephen. At this time, we don't have a timeline on when the extensions will be ported over to Windows. However, it is one of the highest priority items for Windows development, so I'm hoping it will come by the 2nd feature release. The first feature release has other items that need to be added, so it may take up most of our development time.

Got it, sounds good!..

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