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Cursor in Search Field

 I think version 5 used to do this and I wondered if this feature is possible in version 6. When I log in and enter my mSecure pass (desktop app: windows and mac), the cursor used to go right to the search field so I could start typing my search as soon as the app fully opens to get to the pass I want. Now I have to grab my mouse and click into that field, taking my hands off the keyboard. It's a really little thing, but saves a few seconds each time I pull up the app. I really noticed when it was gone.

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@Everyone I just checked this on my Mac and PC and I'm seeing the same thing. When we fixed this in the newest release, we were only focusing on making sure the search field was focused on what might be described as "initialization" events. So if you open the app or unlock the app, then we wanted to make sure the cursor is in the search field, as that is the most common use case for needing to run a search quickly. I definitely don't see any problems with making the search field stay focused everytime you perform an action on the main view, but I'm wondering if that's something you find yourself needing often. Do you think you'll go to the Sharing/Security Center often, then come back and need to search? Also, do you find yourself needing to run a text search after clicking the Quick Filters or the other filters below them in the left column?

@Mike, that's a fair point. For me its more just keeping the consistency across the app. Practically speaking, I'm not bothered by it. As you say, if I go to the Security Centre, I don't think it would cross my mind to have to refocus on the search bar again. The search focus, as you said, was predominantly for first login and coming back from the locked screen which works perfectly now.

Can't speak for others, but I don't see it as an issue, however it maybe more important to others.


I am working on "cleaning things up" with the new release. So, I am frequently going to the Security center to do those things I should be doing but never seem to get around to it. So, for me, focusing on the search field would be helpful. I found myself needing to use it after visiting the security center. I discovered that I can't do some of the things I needed to do for a variety of reasons. Likely edge cases. 

@Mark Thank you for the feedback on this. I'm hoping to get the search field focussed when going back to the main view from the Sharing Center and Security Center, but until that happens, you can use "controal+S" as a hotkey combo to get to the field at least a little bit more quick.

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