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V6 maleware


By forcing v6 on existing customers you have turned a good program in to basic malware and ransomware I for one will never upgrade to your version 6, also I have given you legal notice to remove this malware from my pc’s at cost to you.

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Well, my Windows app just quit working completely. I opened a ticket, a few hours later, someone just closed the ticket. No comments, no feedback, no anything at all. 


Bo, they have deleted all open tickets under the guise of there is too many to answer and sent an email spouting the same crap as they have posted recently.

Raise the ticket again as I will be doing, we shouldn’t have to put up with this corporate greed strategy removing our rights and license agreements and forcing upon us bug ridden malware that will consistently nag you to pay them monthly.

@Graham For mSecure 5 users who purchased a Pro license, a subscription is more like an account status. You purchased a license in the older version of the app, and the license is still on your account, which is the reason you'll probably see me say "you have an Essentials account." In our system, mSecure 5 Pro users don't even have a subscription, if that makes sense. Users that sign up for a subscription are subscribers, but mSecure 5 Pro users aren't, because you don't have to sign up for anything in order to have access to the Essentials subscription tier. The app simply knows you have access to certain features, because you have a Pro license. We tried to make it as simple as possible for everyone to only have two levels of details to keep track of, and then make sure that all of V5's features fit into the lower tier. It's much simpler that way when you're thinking about hundreds of thousands of users.

I'm not sure if the above helps, but it's the best way I know right now to describe the new model. You as an mSecure 5 Pro user will have an Essentials account, or will get an Essentials subscription, for a minimum of 3 years. However, at this time, we have no plans of changing this policy. If everything goes as planned, we won't need to change anything after the 3 years has elapsed.

For the actual subscriptions, I'm not sure how that isn't described on the Plans page. You can sign up for either an Essentials or Premium subscription that will automatically renew on a monthly or yearly basis. The toggle at the top of the Essentials/Premium boxes show the billing frequency, and the boxes themselves describe what you get in each subscription tier. I'm thinking that's not what you're expecting to see, and if it isn't, can you tell what more you were hoping to see on that page?

@Paul Please refrain from treating other users on this forum in the manner you treated @Arthur. Don't tell him to shut up, and don't try to stifle other people's opinions. You and others have been in here saying all sorts of things you want to say, and many times, it was said in ways others may not want to hear. No one has told you to shut up. One rule in this forum is that everyone will treat each other with respect, and if that doesn't happen, I will ban those who violate that policy.

Regarding your post, no one is forcing you to use our software, and you were not forced to download it. We are not able to force you to download anything on to your devices. mSecure 6 is a direct upgrade to mSecure 5. You haven't lost anything, you have actually gained many features. You don't have to pay for the upgrade, and you don't have to sign up for a subscription. Why is that a cause for any type of alarm?

@Bo Can you tell me what is happening on your PC? What do you mean when you say it just stopped working. That is not a common behavior of the app, and without more knowledge, I won't be able to help. If I can get more information from you, I should be able to get everything working again.

 @Mike -- Thanks again for your reply.  I have no quibble with the website info regarding new subscriptions. It's the nature of the continuation of the mSecure 5 Pro license that's controversial.

It seems to me you guys may have needlessly create much of the animosity by characterizing the future of mSecure 5 Pro licenses as "Essentials subscription", when you yourself say that effectively the new status is "continued license to now-current version of mSecure at the level of so-and-so features".   And then compounding this PR gaffe by prominently featuring in the new UI "yay, you now have a trial subscription (to Premium) (and its button leading to incorrect info about features vs subscription level).  And then piling on the various unexpected behaviors some  people are seeing, like my own alarming extended wait for All Items to appear.

From the description in your latest post, the only "subscriptiony" feature to mSecure 5 Pro users' continued access is that after 3 years you may discontinue access to future updates unless subscription fee is paid.  If at that time you permit continued use of the product at the then-current version (at users' risk), then users will have basically the exact experience they would expect from a fully paid-up-front product version X.

So I think what this comes down to is that you mischaracterized the mSecure 5 Pro's new status as a "subscription" for internal convenience, but then used that same label publicly, underestimating the distrust and hostility many customers have to "subscriptions"... which for many of us is from hard-won experience with other products, including unexpected loss of access to critical data, or tie in to suddenly escalating  fees, and so on.

@Graham I understand what you are saying, but I don't understand why everyone, has become so hostile as you mention. I cannot understand how no one gave us, a company that some have trusted with their most sensitive information for many years, trust that has been hard-earned, even the slightest benefit of the doubt before going completely ballistic. All anyone had to do was simply ask questions in a respectful manner, which is what you're doing here, and I would have at least had the opportunity to quench some of the brewing animosity.

I need to clarify something here. While it seems you have mostly been looking at the thread where customers share your viewpoint, those are not the only customers and the only threads in the forum. Many, many customers are not confused, and they are not hostile. Many have asked me, and other support reps via email, for clarification, we give it to them, and they are good with the change. Some are also even voice their support in paying a subscription, though that is a much smaller occurrence. I mention this only because you characterize what's happening as a "PR gaffe" and us "needlessly creating animosity." In our experience thus far, what you are saying is by far the minority opinion. If you look at only the threads of the people who share your viewpoint, then, of course, it seems like everyone is disappointed with mSecure 6, but that's not the case.

So what are we to do when we hear from some people an outcry of "unfair" and "money-grabbing" and "you're forcing us...", when the majority appears to feel differently just from reading the emails we sent out before the launch? Add to this the understanding of just how difficult the mSecure 5 upgrade was from a user-experience and from our own experience. What people seem to be saying is we should have done things just like we did for mSecure 5, but we didn't want to put anyone through that experience ever again. What we learned from that experience is that it is not the right way to go for anyone involved, much less so for our customers. We and, more importantly, our customers are still feeling the effects nearly 4 years later from that release, and it all stems from us creating a brand new app and not providing a direct upgrade path from v4/v3 like we did in v6.

I don't know what else to say when a company doesn't charge you for an upgrade, doesn't take any features away, gives you more features than you had before, decides to guarantee you will not have to pay for an upgrade for 3 full years, and also tells you they don't have plans to charge you even after the 3 years has past (though I understand that leaves the final say at our discretion). You may have encountered other companies that have done something exactly like this in the past, and you may have thought that was completely unfair as well. If that's the case, then that's just the way it is. For our part, we value our customers, and we know how much they hate subscriptions. We also know we have to move forward as a business and bring in more revenue to continue providing them with an mSecure app and to even hope of keeping any sort of pace with our competition. For most companies I have encountered, there message to me was pretty much: "Our old customers don't matter. They will pay for the upgrade, or, at best, they will have to continue using a dying app without support." Our message is: "Our old customers matter, and we're going to do everything we can to honor them and show them value, even if it has the potential to hurt us from a financial standpoint."

@Mike -- Thanks for your lengthy reply, especially when you're in the midst of putting out fires.  I do not assume that the views expressed in the "upset" threads are the majority, though undoubtedly they represent more users than just those who have posted. I am glad that you also have many supportive customers. 

That said, I don't see how your company would find it surprising that some customers would be upset when they fire up mSecure, expecting its usual trusty display of credentials, and instead see a blank list (or some other urgently broken sitiation), and that the cause of this problem is the sudden disappearance of the program required to access those credentials.  Inevitably, some customers might leap to the wrong conclusions about your motives, but as to "benefit-of-the-doubt" about whether they were suddenly without access to their vital credentials and the needed program, there did not seem much doubt about it. 

Overall, I'm willing to believe that mSecure's intent was reasonable, but the failure to make v6 explicitly opt-in, at the time of our choosing, with consequences clearly spelled out -- that was a problem.  You (mSecure) have claimed we were notified in advance.  But your company, as have many others, has been saying your next version  was imminent for years, but delayed over and over... why would be know that it was at this exact time that it would appear.  Your previous major version increments were explicit upgrades, so I think many of us thought "it will become available whenever it does, and I'll worry about it if and when it does.", based on experience of previous major version releases.

And regardless of whether we should have been on top of how your deployment interacts with stores pushing updates and replacing old versions, obviously some proportion of customers will have updates enabled in the interest of security updates, and not know that this was the exact moment to disable them to retain m5.  Especially those Windows customers who mostly don't use MS app store and use it for your product only as a convenience to you.  On that matter, your communications could have explicitly spelled out what was going to happen.     Sure, I understand what you're saying that pushing m6 as an ordinary update to m5 was a smoother deployment than the m4 to m5 transition,  but you needed to make sure we understood that was going to happen was different from previous times, and how to block it if we didn't want it, or wanted to do it on our own timetable.

Anyhow, it's now becoming water under the bridge.  Hopefully things will settle down and lessons will be learned all around.

Hi all , i am an early user of Msecure and can teel you that even 2 years past and it still cause issue with user.

I did recommend Msecure to severals peoples as i do belive it s important for security in IT . Again lately one of the user who has Msecure installed on Iphone did upgraded to a new phone and with the new phone the Msecure App did appear and has he ( Login ) got confuse and somehow had to change it s password witch he did and say success. But on opening / login in Msecure it did open and closed by itself saying ( the password was change on the other phone ) and he received an email for a Invoice for Premium subscription to witch he did paid has he taught this was the cause of the ( self closing of Msecure App ). I do explain to all the persons that i support that there no need to change/ upgrade to V6 as their V5 License is enough for their need. But what happened is the client calling me saying that he cannot open Msecure on either of his phone as it closed by itself saying ( the password has been change on the other phone ). Upon looking at the setup in App Store in the new Iphone it s setup by default as ( upgrade to new App automatically ) to witch i did turn-it ( off ) but the issue remain that the only way to keep Msecure open is to ( Disconnect from the Internet ) then it work ( he can used Msecure to check on password/ note ).

We did write to Msecure support and received the standard Ticket advice and we did go tru the process of changing the Password again and it does say success but again when we open / try to Login in the Msecure App it does open and re-closed by itself and disable Face ID auto password opening and ask the password again but would re-closed by itself.

We are still waiting the response from Msecure on how to resolve the issue and i am scrambling to find the information to resolve the issue on this Blog/support.

But from our point of view ( client of Msecure App ) the default setup of IOS to upgrade App automatically and the wording ( popup message in Msecure  do cause a big confusion / issue to customer. 

So we do give the benefit of a dought that this is not intentionnal from Msecure and it might not be a problem for most client that want the latest features and are willing to pay in a scubscription but the fact proove that there a real confusion / cause issue in the present model and that we cannot all be IT superuser in normal usage of our Phone.

Personally i do still used ( at my own risk ) the V4 in backup of the V6.0.8 and never ran into issue on my Iphone 12 with IOS 15.6.1 but take great care of not touching by mistake the ( Learn More ) button in Msecure and ( not upgrating  in the App Store ) has it did cause issue to severals person the i did recommend and support the Msecure App.

Reading all these post is educative but do not really re-assure me of the future , if it come to the point of getting too complicated just to have a simple password keeper on our phone.

I hope this long text might help some user as i did not find by my-self the solution to the present issue. Thank you

@Martial I responded to your post in the new thread you created. Let's keep our correspondence in that thread from here on out.

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