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mSecure 6 Password Generator

Msecure 5 provided more options of characters, such as all lower case, or all uppercase. In version 6 if you select letters you get both upper and lower case. I like having more options which were available in previous versions. Hopefully at sometime this option can be included.

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In addition to the issue raised by Steve, MSecure6 no longer persists the password generator settings. Having to reset these settings for every new password is time consuming a definite step backwards.

Likes with MSecure6:

- Ability to specify/exclude special characters is valuable to prevent hard-to-distinguish special characters


- Having to reset the password parameters for every new password; removed settings persistence

- Removing ability to exclude upper/lower case

Wish List:

- The overall ability to filter out look-alike characters such as: 

l1| (lower el, one, pipe)

0O (zero, cap oh)

 `' (ticks, apostrophe)

,. (comma, period)

_- (underscore, hyphen)

:; (colon, semicolon)

Probably more I'm not thinking of....

Hi Everyone,

The settings for the password generator are actually supposed to be saved for each record, so I think you have found a bug. Can you let me know what platforms you are running mSecure on? If you are using mSecure 6 on multiple devices, are the settings lost on all platforms after a record is saved?

For the ability to include/exclude upper and lowercase letters, can you give some reasons for why that's needed? It's not that I don't believe it's needed, it's just that we like to have reasons and user stories before we make changes, as it provides understanding for why a certain feature exists. Are there websites you are running into that don't allow upper or lowercase letters? One of the reasons that features removed is because a password is always much stronger when upper and lowercase letters are included.

Lookalike characters I agree with. I agree Mike from mSecure that upper and lowercase is more secure password by itself. I think the reason I'd deliberately exclude uppercase is when I'm reasonably certain that I'm going to have to type this new password into a TV or some other silly input method. (Bearing in  mind the security of the account itself of course.)

Re: non-persist settings

I think that I (Mike) and Mike-msecure are talking about two slightly different issues.

The issue of non-persistence is seen on my Pixel5/android 12/SP2A.220305.012; msecure6 build 1604

I do sync with another Android; I only have one example at hand but the password generation settings, for a particular record, DO move with that record to a new device with the record. I think this is the behavior Mike-msecure expects.

However as I recall on msecure5 the password settings would persist across all new records on the same device. E.g. If I set 12 chars/upper only, then this would be the default setting each time I created a new record. I think this is different than what Mike-msecure is describing  as saved per each record to persist acrossed platforms. The value here is that I have a password complexity setting that I am comfortable with for default new passwords. Especially with the new feature of symbol-inclusion/exclusion, entering the included/excluded symbols as part of creating each new record is not reasonable.

Re: upper/lower selection

I understand and agree that upper/lower creates more permutations of a given length password, and that it is good conventional wisdom for the typical user*. TV input is a good example to go all caps/lower. I had other cases where I choose to increase password length, and remove lowers also due to the input method. But this happens while thinking about risk tradeoffs.

*Perhaps pop up a "this setting has the potential to reduce password security, are you sure you want to continue?" would cover a larger user base.  Or hiding them under an additional layer of "advanced options". I think the statement above that a password is "always much stronger" with upper/lower at the generator side is generally good advice (cheap insurance) but overly broad.

Thank you for the input on this one everyone. I will talk to our development team to see what they want to do about separating upper/lowercase letter options in the password generator.

@Mike Thank you very much for the clarification. You hit the nail on the head. I was thinking the settings weren't getting saved on each record, which would be a bug. I don't think we intentionally removed the remembering of the last generated password settings, but that is definitely gone. I'll get that written up so it will be back in the app.

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